Adam Zaręba

Software Developer

Java developer. Passionate about all kinds of backend technologies and EAI middlewares. Co-founder of Java User Group Białystok. Fan of Dragon Ball and sicialian mafia movies


No More LazyInitializationException – Use JPA 2.1 Entity Graph

Until JPA 2.0, we were restricted to use pretty static way of querying entities by declaring FetchType.LAZY (default) or FetchType.EAGER on entity’s associations – once selected mode is always used. FetchType.EAGER is a good choice if we always want to load a related entity. The issue of this approach is its performance. Another way is […]

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How I Found the Needle in the Haystack of WSO2 ESB Code

Modern-day business companies have many software products to optimize internal processes. The main goals are automating complex and repetitive tasks, fast reacting on problems and saving time of employees. Often these products work independently without any communication between each other and they are satisfying in narrow field of aspects.

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