Bartosz Kraszewski

Software Developer

Software Engineer specialised in Mobile Applications development. Focused on code quality and standards, experienced working in fast paced, product-oriented environment - Silicon Valley startups.

Co-founder of Mobile Bialystok - local mobile technology enthusiasts group. Also an amateur squash player.


Xamarin Forms. How to Use MVVM Light Framework in Mobile Apps?

Popularity of Xamarin technology keeps on growing, especially after purchasing platform by Microsoft, announced in February. Idea of “Write once, deploy anywhere mobile” is attractive not only to big corporations, which develop huge business applications, but also to startup world. Start-ups are fascinated by possibility of rapid prototyping and implementing changes without need of coordination between […]

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14 July, 2017

Optimizing Android App performance with AT&T Video Optimizer – successor of ARO

App performance matters. To achieve greatness we need to track and measure what we can't see with naked eye. I my talk, Ill introduce you to AT&T performance optimizer. Are you sure your Android app will pass strict security and performance tests?

24 April, 2017

Maintaining Android Multi-flavor Apps

How to publish multiple versions of products from shared codebase? In my talk, I'll tell you about tools and best practices we can use to make development process, release simple and painless.

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