Mariusz Dobrowolski

Software Developer

Programmer and new technologies enthusiast, who will not shun from any programming language. Professionally, for five years connected with the .NET platform. Seeker of innovative and creative solutions.

Multiple finalist of nationwide IT competitions, therein a two-time winner of the world’s largest technology contest for students - ImagineCup.


Crowd Evacuation Simulator and Visualisation Using Unity3D

People movement simulations can be done because of many reasons, and security issues are the most obvious one of them. Those simulators enable a possibility to check yet during the planning process if used architectural solutions will work out during an evacuation or in a case of a panic. Thanks to those data and visualisations, […]

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Face Detection and Recognition Using OpenCV

We confront face recognition algorithms every day – in mobile phones, cameras, on Facebook or Snapchat. Because of that, maybe it’s worth to think about the way in which those algorithms work and how can you implement them in your application. I will try to answer these questions below. This algorithm recognises unique attributes such […]

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9 November, 2017

Smart chatbots

What are chatbots? Why suddenly became so popular? How do they work? How to create and publish them? For these and other questions I will try to answer. Based on a specific project and my experience, I would like to show you how to use the artificial intelligence offered by Microsoft Cognitive Services in conjunction with the Microsoft Bot Framework to create an intelligent chatbot.

19 April, 2017

Face detection and recognition

During this short presentation I will show how to use the methods of face detection and recognition (OpenCV) to create a straightforward and useful application.

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