Namysław Szymaniuk

Software Developer

Until recently, he was Java EE developer, who have been developing extensive PLM system (Windchill) and integrating it with SAP system. Later, he was using the Spring framework and WSO2, while developing a LIMS class system. Recently, he changed technology and engaged in developing cross-platforms mobile applications, using the Xamarin Forms framework. Sometimes, he has nightmares because of that.

Speaking of his hobby, he is interested in a car computer diagnostics. He is also the author of the Polish translation of the built-in navigation system Magneti Marelli RT3, appearing in Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Lancia, and Maserati cars.


Xamarin Forms custom UI components. Part no. 2 – Syncfusion

Looking at previously mentioned six UI components for Xamarin Forms delivered by Telerik, you can get the impression that it’s not enough for you. What about… …AutoComplete (Telerik has just a beta version of it)? …Rotator (such as Carousel, but extended, with possibility to show dots that indicates an amount of elements or thumbnails or […]

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Xamarin.Forms UI Components. Part no. 1 – Telerik

As you may (must!) know, Xamarin Forms API is a standard part of platform specific API (also in a case of UI components). That’s why it’s humble in a case of a total amount of available UI components, and there is even no CheckBox available (as there is no checkbox on iOS… thanks, Steve). In […]

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Why So Much Xamarin’s?

Currently, if someone has brilliant idea of mobile application, he asks himself: “Why the hell I need to multiply my planned costs for developing, almost per each platform separately – Android, iOS, Windows Phone!?”. Here’s the answer – most of development processes needs to be repeated against each platform language and API. There is dramatically […]

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27 May, 2017

Why Is It Worth to Jump Between Technologies?

I will tell you why is it worth to jump between technologies – to change languages and programming environments. On one side, how big is satisfaction, and on the other hand, how many time it takes to change a technology in IT. It also shows us a modernity or backwardness of particular language or technology, in comparison to the others.

21 December, 2016

Xamarin Forms – is it real mature enough and worth sleepless nights?

Presentation about pros and cons using Xamarin Forms vs. native approach, while developing a modern mobile application.
We've talked about the maturity of Xamarin Forms framework - when it's the right approach, and when it's better to stay with native.

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