The Generation Y Works On Its Own Terms – How to Attract New Employees Nowadays?

Nearly 400 thousand university graduates enter the labor market each year. Still, the number is not sufficient to satisfy the national economic needs. The current situation of employees allows the new workforce to have their own demands and expectations towards the future employer. What therefore must an employer do, to fulfill the needs of their […]

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agile team - softwarehut

9 Reasons Why Feature Teams Are the Best Team Structure

SoftwareHut is an Agile development software house. We firmly believe that agile development approach is the primary factor in our success. We try to evolve this well-established methodology within our projects and adjust its main guidelines to our clients’ needs and projects’ goals. We also regularly work on optimising our processes and structures to catch […]

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An IT company from Bialystok improves the AR technology, along with Microsoft.

HoloLens – smart glasses, which allow the user to experience augmented reality, will soon be available in Poland. Microsoft has just announced, that their newest product will be available for 29 new markets in Europe, including Poland. The interesting part, is that an IT company from Bialystok, called Solution4Labs, is already working on utilizing HoloLens […]

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Building TravelBot. Part 2: Microsoft Bot Framework

In the previous part, I described how to use artificial intelligence and Microsoft Cognitive Services to create our bot. Let’s move on to programming it. Microsoft Bot Framework is a set of tools and services, which allows for designing, creating and publishing bots. This solution contains two parts – Bot Builder SDK and Developer Portal. […]

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