Moving IIS Services Into the Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service that allows you to build, test or manage your services. But before you can do this cool stuff with your applications, you need to put your application onto it. We have MVC app with few microservices and one Windows Service operating Hangfire. Like many other creators, we want it […]

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agile team - softwarehut

9 Reasons Why Feature Teams Are the Best Team Structure

SoftwareHut is an Agile development software house. We firmly believe that agile development approach is the primary factor in our success. We try to evolve this well-established methodology within our projects and adjust its main guidelines to our clients’ needs and projects’ goals. We also regularly work on optimising our processes and structures to catch […]

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Xamarin Forms Custom UI Components. Part 4: Custom Renderers

If you are looking at UI components available in Xamarin Forms, you may get the impression, that not everything which is possible natively against iOS/Android and which seems that should be possible also in Xamarin Forms, is available. Let’s imagine strike through feature at label/textview – it’s something really basic. As you may notice, it’s […]

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No More LazyInitializationException – Use JPA 2.1 Entity Graph

Until JPA 2.0, we were restricted to use pretty static way of querying entities by declaring FetchType.LAZY (default) or FetchType.EAGER on entity’s associations – once selected mode is always used. FetchType.EAGER is a good choice if we always want to load a related entity. The issue of this approach is its performance. Another way is […]

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