select * from energy

The only database
you will ever need.

EnergyDB dramatically increases your power output during late–night coding sessions and regular work. Crafted from recyclable aluminum for low environmental impact. Compatible with most glassware on the market.

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250 mililiters

115 kcal

1 database

select * from energy

...that's all it takes to power up with PowerHut ECS (Energy Control System).

Connected to PowerHut ECS
   ____                       ___  ___
  / __/__  ___ _______ ___ __/ _ \/ _ )
 / _// _ \/ -_) __/ _ `/ // / // / _  |
/___/_//_/\__/_/  \_, /\_, /____/____/
> select * from energy
> Processing...
> [......................] 0%

For you and your hardware

Humans are not the only ones that can be powered by EnergyDB.


Charge your phone

EnergyDB can act as a powerbank allowing you to charge your smaller electronic devices while on the go. Compatible with virtually any plug type.



Cool down your CPU

For avid overclockers and owners of overheating laptops alike — cool down your system like a boss by pouring EnergyDB on it until you see sparks.

It's the COOL in COOLING.

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