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Introducing Enterprise Architect Starter Kit

An analogue framework for the digital world. Incomparable flexibility (made from soft plastic). The fastest, the most versatile rapid prototyping platform. .

Designing software architecture is now child's play.

Seven stunning colors

Types of blocks

Seven types of elements

Tnfinity loop

Infinite possibilities

circle block
small square block
square block
roller block
rectangle block
rectangle block

Build the build

Designing architecture has never been so much fun.


Build it. Destroy it.

Testing stability has never been so much fun. Only you are the master of your architecture - you make it, you break it.

Save your QA the satisfaction.

Edge of block

Smooth edges. Sharp C.

Smooth prototyping experience in any given language or technology was our priority when developing The Starter Kit.

Smooth edges. Sharp C.
Or any other language you could ever need.

Greater than the sum of its parts

Carefully selected and versatile palette of elements.

2 x circle block
2 x bridge block
4 x square block
6 x rectangle block
2 x cone block
2 x roller block
4 x big rectangle block
22 elements
in total

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