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Introducing FloppyPillow

Softer than ever before, yet remarkably more solid. It introduces revolutionary CloudHut integration. FloppyPillow has always been our dream.
And now it's ready for yours.


alarm clock

No battery


pillow front
pillow back

No matter the side, it always stays by yours.


Built-in Debugger™

You don't allow bugs in your code. Why should you tolerate them in your pillow? Thanks to its antibacterial qualities, FloppyPillow stays free of mites and other insects.

Let it be your personal QA Expert.


1:1 Instagram-compatible aspect ratio

Ingenious functionality is followed by gorgeous form. Thanks to its perfectly balanced proportions, FloppyPillow looks good in every basement, office or Instagram account.

Softness follows functionality.


Battle-proven companion

FloppyPillow is your battle-proven companion ready to assist in any skirmish you may encounter when you need to defend your code from your QA department.

It's dangerous to code alone. Take this.

As soft as your software

Highest grade polycotton insert and silky-smooth pillowcase for an incomparable level of softness. Your breaks during overnight implementation deserve nothing less.
The softness is off the charts.

SoftwareHut Soft



Popular brand pillow


No name pillow


A brick wall

pillow front
save day

Ready to save the day

Floppy disks - the iconic icon of saving. Seriously, need we say more?

The ultimate IT nostalgia.

Data cloud

Sync your dreams
with CloudHut

Capture, synchronize and categorize your dreams. Just use our dedicated mobile app (iOS, Android and WindowsPhone available) to connect your FloppyPillow and start dreaming.

In case you actually write that next Facebook in your sleep.


You retain full copyrights to all your dreams stored on CloudHut platform. For more info, see our Dream Policy.


The hardware
behind the softness

Highest quality 100% polyester insert and silky-smooth microfiber pillowcase.

Because front-end and back-end are equally important.

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