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Maciej Szymczuk
Regional Director

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Przemysław Śnioszek

Project Manager

Project manager and software developer with over seven years experience in many sectors of IT industry. Skilled in project management, IT business solutions, ERP implementations, PHP, JS and C.
Furthermore experienced in programming microcontrollers and optimising algorithms for digital signal processing.
A friendly, inquiring and always open-minded guy both privately and on business. IoT enthusiast and sports lover in a wide range of chess through running with the dog to even powerlifting.

Cybersecurity In The Internet Of Things

Although IoT- connected devices arise from the search for time savings that can be seen today, they can lead to more extensive and invasive breaches than we could ever imagine. Through IoT, not only more data is being shared, but it’s also more sensitive by far. Therefore, we live with exponentially greater risk. It is […]

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