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Android Practices

If you surf the Internet on a regular basis, you have noticed for sure that there is a war between Android and iOS users. I don’t know whether you are a participant in this war or not, but I know that developing for these two operating systems needs a set of specific practices. Thanks to […]

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Poland In 2018 – Fintech a Dominant Trend

The Financial Supervisory Commission of Poland has launched a program called Innovation Hub, which is dedicated to supporting the Polish sector of financial services in virtual reality – Fintechs. The economic environment has never been as advantageous for developing services of this type.  The huge resources of IT companies, as well as Polish and European […]

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Companies tend to change their headquarters more often. Zonifero – a mobile app designed for managing the office, can help us adapt in a new office space.

Until the end of 2017, in Warsaw alone, more than 350 thousand square meters of new office space will be available. Currently, a trend for reorganizing office space, due to cost optimizing and organizational issues is noticeable. Companies decide to change their office more often. This is related not only to financial expenses of changing […]

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Which mobile apps should we use, to make our trip more convenient?

Preparing for a trip? Don’t forget a mobile app!

Approximately 93% of Polish medium-sized enterprises send their employees on business trips. Which mobile apps should we use, to make our trip more convenient? We will try to answer these questions with Robert Matyszewski – vice-president of an IT company called SoftwareHut, who is responsible for global sales in the TenderHut capital group. Robert, due to […]

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