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how to generate public transport routes

How to Generate Public Transit Routes

The market for search engines offering public transport connections is already quite saturated. In Poland, services such as Google Maps, jakdojade.pl, e-podróżnik.pl, and rozkladzik.pl have been operating for many years. However, if you want to learn how to implement a much simpler version of such algorithms, this article is for you. I will describe what […]

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50 shades of GPS

50 Shades of GPS: Aspects You May Haven’t Heard About

We live in a world so fast-changing that, sooner or later, it won’t be surprising or weird to see a self-driving car on the streets anymore. Autonomous driving requires a set of different, soon-to-be-released technologies that will enable it – one of which already exists. We use it frequently with regard to everything connected with […]

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Publishing dotCover CLI code coverage reports to Azure DevOps

Code coverage is one of the metrics that determine the quality of the code. It measures, in percentage values, how well unit tests cover the code of an application. In general, every team should try to achieve high coverage as it usually means less bugs. It’s often possible to add code coverage into existing pipelines […]

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