Business Rule Engine aka BRE

Nowadays, it’s often necessary to set up specific business rules that automatically trigger particular tasks over time, usually under particular conditions. The conditions of triggering such rules should be modifiable in a flexible way, preferably by non-technical users, and the result of such tasks should be available for any further processing, possibly as an input […]

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Silhouette Rocks! Secure Your Play Scala Application

Every responsible web application developer is aware of the importance of online security. Since the Internet is a vital part of every business activity, from clouds to desktop or mobile devices, business software requires trusted mechanisms to make the exchange of sensitive information, like personal information or money, safe. To avoid panic among our software […]

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SNCF. What Can You Achieve with Open Data Transport API?

Raising this subject is thought-provoking. On one hand, I wanted to do something, and some of you may appreciate it, but on the other hand, why should I look at a company from a different country? And no, this is not a sponsored post. My reason to do this was simple: just read on and check if you feel butterflies in your stomach or not. API SNCF is […]

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Business Processes in Workflows And Rule Engines

When IT systems become bigger and more complicated, it’s getting harder to maintain complex business logic just through a raw implementation in the code. Changes in hard-coded logic can be costly and time-consuming. When such problems occur, that’s the signal that we should consider passing control over such logic to business users. How can they […]

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