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Our brand-new website has been nominated for international Awwwards prize, which is being given for design and novelty in web design. It is not the first nomination for us, because we have received similar distinctions in previous years. The voting will last from 13th to 20th of March.

The nomination for Awwwards prize is being given by international jury, which consists of designers, developers, and the best digital agencies from the industry. Organizers appreciate creators of websites and applications, real handymen, builders, and internet architects for their efforts. Possibility of winning is the biggest for designers, who take care of visual side of the website, user experience, and responsiveness (compatibility with modern browsers and devices).

What are the main characteristics of our brand-new website?

According to our designers, nominated website (softwarehut.com) is dynamic, and its attractiveness is based mainly on intuitive navigation, which encourages user to engage and dive into a content.

– We’ve designed our website to be intuitive and pleasing to the eye. The design process has been preceded by UX surveys. Before writing a single line of code, we deeply analyzed our offer, we segregated our existing customers, and we had a look at content from the perspective of a client searching for the best solution. Additionally, we wanted to write a code, which would be properly read by major browsers – explains Robert Matyszewski, vice-chairman of SoftwareHut.

Content matching and brand image awareness

We adjusted content on our website pages with its topic and visitors in mind.

– We tried to design a website on which each of our target groups receive matched and useful content. For example, the page for startups is much different than the page for enterprises. While the page created for IT community (4FUN) is less formal – says Robert Matyszewski.

– As a software house we are aware of the role of clear and modern website in today’s world. Because of that, we take care of artistic aspects of our and our clients’ image.

Experience pays off

This year’s nomination for Awwwards is an aftermath of our experience in web design. Last year, contest organizers distinguished fairplayacademy.com project with Honorable Mention prize. Two years before, LemonTea group took credit for their three realizations, and one of them received Honorable Mention prize. LemonTea is a part of SoftwareHut from March 2016.

Internet users have the deciding vote

Internet users, together with jury, will decide on who will be an Awwwards winner. During the next week on awwwards.com/sites/softwarehut you can vote for our website and help us win that prestigious prize.

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