Increasing Big Data Processing Performance for Apator

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The Scope 

Apator is a Polish capital group focusing its services on the electromechanical industry: metering and switchgear. They needed a scalable solution that would efficiently manage data transmitted from meters. 

Order Of Code (now a part of SoftwareHut), helped Apator achieve this, providing design and development services. 



OOC team provided Apator with a solution consisting of several subsystems, operating in a layered model, accessible with a web-based UI. 

Developing the system required the team to perform multiple manual and automated tests, for which they used e.g. FitNesse tests. These tests have been applied specifically to test the key components of the system, including different scenarios, use-cases, and edge-cases. 

To ensure the system’s reliability, OOC designed and deployed a solution for monitoring key components, too. 


The Results 

OOC delivered a solution, which performance was several times higher than initially requested by the client. The system enables Apator to manage and process large amounts of data efficiently. 

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