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Delivering Property Management System for Admireo 

Admireo is an online property management service for real-estate owners and communities, available in SaaS model. Efficient property management tool is required to properly handle many aspects such as financials, issue tracking and communication.
Admireo is a tool delivering all the necessary functionalities in one package, automating most of the tasks. Management becomes easy as the system offers insights into buildings’ maintenance, payments and related data.
We’ve designed, architected, built and delivered Admireo in one year. The system is in production and we are still extending some of its functionalities.

What have we delivered? 

In property management business the key factors are cost, responsiveness and control. The cost factor may be minimised by task automation. The responsiveness can be increased by effective means of a communication.
It is the system which should be ultimately responsible for the control of all the necessary aspects of such business. Admireo service is such a system. Business processes automation allows one to reduce operational costs.
Built-in issue tracking features give an advantage over stand-alone alternatives. The system costs less and handles more, so one can optimise the use of human resources. This leads to the improvement of customer satisfaction.
The features we’ve delivered included:
  1. Customers request service.
  2. Accounting and billing service.
  3. Prepayment and settlement service.
  4. Issue tracking service.
  5. Property rental features.
  6. Communication and voting tool.
  7. An app for the property owners.
According to Admireo, these features allow employees to save 30-50% of workload normally used for manual tasks handling.
Admireo case study

The Tech 

To deliver required features and ensure the stability of the application, we’ve chosen Scala, Akka, Play and PostgreSQL technology stack. The Actor Model is used to provide a better platform to build correct concurrent and scalable application. Actors also provide the abstraction for transparent distribution and the basis for truly scalable and fault-tolerant application.
Ultimately, we’ve managed to support our client with continuous development of an application with a range of features that have a real impact on the property management business.
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