Cybersecurity In The Internet Of Things

Although IoT- connected devices arise from the search for time savings that can be seen today, they can lead to more extensive and invasive breaches than we could ever imagine. Through IoT, not only more data is being shared, but it’s also more sensitive by far. Therefore, we live with exponentially greater risk. It is […]

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Frontend is an art

From Zero to Frontend Hero

Just stop for a moment and take a look at your younger self. What was your big dream back then? Becoming a cop or a firefighter? Being a famous actress or singer? Or maybe you have been dreaming about being one of the Marvel heroes? Well, either way, I have good news and bad news. […]

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Spectre and Meltdown

Security Gaps. Part 2: Meltdown

In part 1 of this two-part series of articles about security gaps, I mainly wrote about the Spectre attack. I also gave you a solid introduction so you could better understand this subject. If you missed it, read it here before diving into today’s part. In contrast to the Spectre, the Meltdown attack was successfully […]

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