We specialize in low-latency, highly scalable software

Why SoftwareHut?


We specialize in low-latency and highly scalable projects


(LIMS systems, SCM systems, enterprise applications-ERP, CRM)

Agile Teams

Agile teams for your needs


By world-famous Deloitte and Financial Times

180+ developers at your disposal

What we can help you with:


End-to-end product development

Need an end-to-end team? Come and see how we work. You’re invited to our office to meet everybody in person. We can deliver any size and technology combination of specialists to meet your goals. Let’s leave the competition behind!


Remote teams

Bad feeling about a remote team? Don’t know how to start? Let’s talk and see what we can do for you! We have a wide experience working remotely with a unique approach and tools to make sure you are happy with what, and how we deliver. We can also send our dev team to work from your location for a smooth take off.


Technical consulting

Need to bounce your ideas of like-minded experts? Working on new killer feature? Trying to move a step further than the competition? Call us! We have the best people that are local community leaders, conference speakers and outstanding challenge solvers to work for you.

Minimum Viable Product

Just starting? Want to see the reaction of beta customers? Want to impress investors? We are here to help, get in touch to create the best team for your needs. Our team has a wide experience and delivered projects mentioned at techcrunch.com, bloomberg.com, mashable.com and 500.co!

Proof of Concept

Need to prove that your idea is great? Need to shock prospective investors? Let’s jump on a call and see how we can help you. Years of proven experience gives us a chance to provide amazing results in the tightest timescales.

150+ projects delivered

What our clients say about working with us:

They worked closely with the engineering team to provide a great product and a personable service. SoftwareHut provided high-quality code and were flexible, working weekends to meet deadlines. The team was responsive and easy to reach.

Owner at a shopping startup

The team performed very well, and maintained the original budget, even after changes in the project’s scope and contract. Softwarehut generally provided their work on time, sometimes working nights. They are up-to-date on the latest technologies and were willing to suggest various options.

Owner at a software company

The website and apps perform well in prelimary tests and meet all initial requirements. SoftwareHut's diverse technical skills and personalized approach have established them as a solid long-term partner.

CEO at Procurence

Client satisfaction of Softwarehut has been very high. The team is great at communication and are fun to work with. They are open to feedback and have a suggestion system after the completion of each project to facilitate improvements.

Manager at a digital agency

Our products were mentioned on:

How we work

Learn how we ensure that every bit of your concept is brought to life in the digital dimension. Without any costly gaps or misunderstandings along the way.

Starting with your concept, we ensure that every bit of it can be brought to life to the digital dimension.

Our job is to understand and thoroughly analyze your plan from the technical point of view, so there is clarity of the requirements and outputs throughout the cycle.

There would be no costly gaps and misunderstandings during next steps.

We focus not only on designing views, wireframes and button placement, but we also work in a weel-defined development processes with clear timeframes and responsiblities.

Nothing goes forward without your input and approval.

Your requirements will be reviewed in a number of iterations to make sure nothing is missing.

Using latest tools and best practices, our developers start delivering solution code in work cycles.

Dedicated team managers focus on the production process, while technical leaders ensure code quality at the highest level.

Whether we work with SCRUM, Agile, Kanban or Prince2 methodology, all of our work is aligned and coordinated with you.

Even after everything went smoothly and your application is already running on server farm, you are not left alone.

Our dedicated team will oversee production environment regardless of time and day of the week.

Scaling, fixes or additional functionalities are not a problem.

We’re always there for you

service-level agreement
ensures we help achieve your goals

million dollars
insurance & capability

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Maciej Szymczuk

Regional Director

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