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When was your last cash transaction? If your answer is “A long time ago”, then you have already experienced the essence of innovative fintech solutions. With the general trend of digitalization upon us, the financial sector is prime for improvements. Online banking and fintech solutions are gaining increasing publicity – and rightfully so – as they work to improve and streamline financials significantly.

Fintech is a highly customer-oriented industry due to constant demand for further personalization of fintech software. It’s a challenging sector; however, thanks to the ever-growing popularity of these solutions, it offers many business opportunities. Fintech is the future of the finance industry.

The Benefits of Fintech Development

Explore the benefits of fintech solutions

lower cost
Lower costs
Enhanced efficiency
advanced security
Advanced security
convenience of transactions
Convenience of transactions

We pay special attention to the security

The fintech industry is demanding because it deals with the customers’ money (companies or end-users of applications) more directly than other industries.

That’s why we pay special attention to the security of stored and transmitted data and recommend strong encryption algorithms and code obfuscation.

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financesonline stats

Just in 2020, 64% of consumers have used two or more fintech services or platforms, which are expected to increase in the coming years.

What is Possible

FinTech offers varied solutions to ensure the best experience.

mobile apps

Mobile apps

Develop a mobile app and facilitate financial transactions
personal finance

Personal finance

Invest in personal finance to offer a tailored experience
online banking

Online banking

Facilitate and streamline all banking services
how to use fintech

How can you use financial software?

Financial software is specifically designed to automate, assist, store, and streamline financial information both for individuals and businesses. It relieves its users of the administration of troublesome and time-consuming processes and improves delivery of financial services, making them more accessible to the public. At this point, financial software offers a wide variety of solutions aimed at making finances more accessible.

Financial software offers countless solutions for facilitating commercial activities. It makes online banking solutions possible and allows users to check their bank account on any mobile device. Online payments? Not a problem anymore. Need some help to manage personal finances? Fintech software solutions are here to take care of it.

Fintech trends and forecasts

fintech trends

The digital revolution is spreading across different industries and sectors. With the development of ever-new solutions facilitating everyday life, customers’ expectations are continually increasing. The same applies to the finance industry: as clients expect cutting-edge fintech solutions that ensure the highest security of their financials.

According to FinancesOnline, in the coming years, the popularity of digital-only banking will increase exponentially. No need to visit any bank agency, or agonizing paperwork. Thanks to digital-only banks, convenience is possible. Moreover, global finance will be heavily influenced by blockchain fintech and AI solutions. With the implementation of cutting-edge solutions, further regulations ensuring security can be expected. Fortunately, digital innovations no longer arouse suspicion, enabling the implementation of revolutionary solutions.

fintech trends
fintech development

Developing a fintech app

There is a high demand for mobile fintech solutions, with more companies expressing interest in creating native fintech app solutions. If you also have plenty of fintech app ideas and have doubts about their execution, feel free to contact us.

How do we approach a fintech mobile app development? First of all, we consult the projects with our clients, getting to know all ideas and inspiration behind them. By understanding the details of the project, we can suggest a tech stack fitting the scope. Moreover, our business analyst can help in evaluating the idea and try to make the most out of it. As for the app development, we can create a native or a hybrid app; it all depends on your preferences.

Process of implementing fintech solution

Follow a proven method for your fintech project development


Analyse, understand, clarify.


Development or implementation of an e-commerce.


Constantly help and improve.

The cost of fintech software development

cost of PLM software

The cost of fintech software development services can be estimated similarly to other software development projects.

The overall cost of your project depends on the time needed to deliver it, and the number of software developers included. Based on the scope of your project, software developers estimate the workload and use hourly rates to calculate the cost of mobile or web app development.

Commonly-used billing options include a fixed price or time and material. With a fixed price model, the budget doesn’t depend on any changes in time. Time and material, on the other hand, will take delivery time into account, even if it changes during the project.

cost of PLM software

We’re your team of fintech developers

At SoftwareHut, we’re a team of 200+ experienced software developers, ready to deliver your fintech project. With over 200 projects delivered for our clients, we know our craft when it comes to bespoke software development.

We’re an extended team, which means we can join your project at any time, working hand-in-hand with your in-house software developers. You don’t have a team? No worries, we take on entire projects, too.


IT professionals


projects delivered


client satisfaction

We use the best tech on the market

What our clients say about us

Without the help of SoftwareHut we would not have been able to scale as quickly as we did.

SoftwareHut delivered a quality product, resulting in an ongoing partnership. The skill level and quality of work is fantastic as well as the responsiveness for requests. They're worth every penny.


The code delivered by SoftwareHut contributed to increased sales

Their team was well organized and disciplined, delivering exactly what was requested within the timeline and price point that they promised.


They’ve demonstrated their agility every time we had a new requirement

Under high pressure, they were quick to produce a great product, piling together resources at an impressive rate. As their amazing efficiency did not compromise the quality of their work, they've secured future collaboration.



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Fintech is a complex and varied sector. It’s spreading and overtaking more areas of the finance industry. However, it’s possible to distinguish a few main categories of Fintech.

One of the main directions of Fintech is digital banking. Digital banking is a vast category allowing clients to access all the banking operations online. To improve customer experience, online banks use innovative technologies such as chatbots and AI solutions. Moreover, another sector influenced by Fintech is insurance. With modern technologies, insurance companies can provide personalized offers, pricing, and recommendations. Another important category is online lending. It enables companies to automate and streamline loan decision processes. Additionally, Fintech makes digital payments possible by using technologies such as blockchain to process them. Also, let’s not forget about personal finance providing users with personalized advice.

Fintech is taking the world by storm and is one of the most dynamically developing sectors. Right now, fintech is all around us, whether you pay for your coffee with your phone, or check your bank account on your computer.

We can observe that more and more people are gravitating to digital finance solutions. Fintech is no longer considered a shady, unregulated area, and its obvious advantages over traditional banking increasingly convert sceptics.

When observing the growing popularity of fintech solutions, it’s safe to say that fintech is a good investment that can be even more profitable in the future.

As previously mentioned, fintech is a broad sector. There are many promising examples of fintech, such as crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter or Patreon), blockchain and cryptocurrencies, mobile payments, insurance, AI financial advising, and budgeting apps.

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