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Enterprise Level Software Development

Enterprises need business-oriented, robust and scalable tools to manage their operational performance. Whether it’s internal software for managing resources across departments and offices, or a tool used for managing customers or clients, enterprise level software helps with setting, measuring, and optimising business processes.

That’s why big companies and corporations often need to invest in custom enterprise software development. These tools, which are built specifically for a given company, best address operational needs, challenges, or goals. At SoftwareHut, we help enterprises with software development that meets their business objectives.

As part of the TenderHut Technological Capital Group, we firmly understand the challenges of large enterprises. As a multinational organisation with offices in Europe, the U.S. and China, we know the importance of business processes, and how crucial it is to rely on the right tools.

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We create tailor-made IT products for companies of all sizes.


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Software for enterprise-class customers must meet the highest standards of security, stability, and performance. It must take into account various levels of access and decision-making, and enable efficient work of many users on multiple data sources. Building our solutions, we meet the needs of our customers using the latest technologies and standards, ensuring the highest quality.

Why should you work with us?

Having worked with enterprise clients before, we know first-hand how to deliver software for your business. With a team of experienced software developers, we can support you as an extended team or deliver your product from scratch. Through proven software development methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile, we can safeguard an optimal product quality for your enterprise software.

Outsourcing your project to a trusted partner allows you to free your internal resources, optimise processes, and reduce costs. As enterprises often operate on competitive markets, this allows you to focus on your core business, leaving enterprise software development to us.


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We will help you achieve your business goals.



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Quality as a priority

Delivering a high-quality software is a top priority for us.

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Enterprise Technology Solutions

Corporate clients often require cutting-edge solutions to maintain their competitive edge. A way to ensure this decisive advantage is to invest in Big Data solutions, enterprise level mobile, and web or desktop applications. IT solutions can also include customer relationship management software, business process management systems, or supply chain management software.

Moreover, the changing tech landscape now encourage many businesses to follow the path of digital transformation. Automation, financial returns, and enhanced productivity are just a few benefits of doing so. Enterprise tech solutions that make use of the latest digital solutions will benefit your company in the long run.

How we work

We can bring your project to life – from an idea to the final product. No costly misunderstandings along the way. Starting with a discussion about your project and its estimation, through planning, team assignment, kick off or project supervision - we've got you covered.


Requirement gathering







Delivering a successful project starts with understanding the idea behind it. During the requirement gathering phase, our team gets to know your business needs, challenges, potential customers, and goals. That’s how we ensure that the resulting software is what you require from us, avoiding costly gaps and misunderstandings.
We can also consult your idea, suggesting solutions based on our previous projects. Our experience with various approaches and project methodologies (including Prince2™) taught us that this first step is always the most important part of your project. Our qualified Business Analysts will help you find the right solution.
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Custom Enterprise Software Development

Our experience comes from dozens of projects delivered for clients from various industries. Our highly specialised team of IT professionals and the ability to implement custom technology solutions are what makes us a great outsourcing partner.

We can analyse your business needs, translate them into the language of technology, design and implement a solution perfectly suited to your requirements. We deliver our projects in accordance with Agile management methodologies as well as SCRUM, PRINCE2, PMI, and ITIL.

By investing in custom enterprise software development you ensure that the product fits your needs perfectly. The resulting solution answers your unique structure, business logic, and operational goals.

Your Trusted Outsourcing Partner

Nearshore outsourcing is the practice of delegating software development services by professionals in neighbouring countries. Thanks to our central geographic position, business travel and communication is made easier and less expensive than through an offshoring cooperation model.

Our nearshore outsourcing services combine the talents of top-notch developers with the business acumen of our management. We use the latest in development technologies and methodologies to bring excellence, quality, and cost-optimization to your projects.

At SoftwareHut, we have experience in working for enterprise clients. We can provide you with custom enterprise software, and a team of IT professionals. Through application of Agile development methodology and optimizing the resources needed for your project, we can mitigate your development costs by up to 30%.

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