23 October 2022

An Ultimate Guide to Finding THE ONE. How To Choose the Right IT Outsourcing Partner?


Tech companies are increasingly relying on outsourcing, especially for software development, to reduce development time. However, time-saving is not the only advantage of outsourcing IT services. By choosing IT outsourcing models, you can significantly reduce costs, introduce future-forward solutions and stay ahead of your competition.   

However, choosing the right IT outsourcing provider is not as easy as it seems. This is not just a random decision but one that can greatly influence your company’s future. You need to invest sufficient effort and energy to find the right one.  

To help you out, I created a list of important aspects you should take into consideration when choosing an IT outsourcing partner and shared some IT outsourcing best practices.  

Why Choose IT Outsourcing Service?  

There’s no wonder so many businesses are drawn towards outsourcing, as it gives them an amazing opportunity to access skillsets that are not available within their organisation. With outsourcing, there’s no need to limit your projects to the talent you already have on board- you can go further and reach higher. Do you need to incorporate some new technology, unknown to your on-site team? No problem, just find an outsourcing one that has it covered.  

If you crave innovation, outsourcing is an answer to your needs. With cost savings, reduced capacity issues and the freedom to focus on core business, outsourcing allows you to expand and develop your company and explore new opportunities. Cooperating with your IT outsourcing providers allows you to align your organisation with a flexible pool of talent and skills that will empower you to transform your business outcomes. You can quickly scale the team up or down, depending on your needs.

However, how to choose the right one for your business?  

Things to Consider When Looking for Partners. IT Outsourcing Checklist  

Choosing the right partner is probably the most important decision when it comes to starting your outsourcing adventure. It can’t be just some random company on the street; you need to find a supplier that meets all the needs and requirements of your organisation.  

To help you find THE ONE, I prepared a list of the most important things to look for while searching for an outsourcing partner. Enjoy!  

Consistent Quality of Service  

When it comes to business, you simply can’t buy a pig in a poke. Before signing an outsourcing contract, you need to check their proven track record and do your research on their past projects and cooperation. If it’s possible, make sure to contact their previous clients to ask if they delivered the expected quality.  

You can also be more direct and ask for a trial period. This way, you can get to know their services firsthand and fully assess their ability to respond to your needs. Also, make sure to check out whether companies of your choice present a tech-savvy attitude and are eager to follow the latest tech trends to stay on top of their game.  


Trust me, there’s nothing more important than good communication when it comes to outsourcing. Even if you hire the most experienced and specialised experts, it all goes to nothing if you can’t communicate properly and exchange ideas and opinions.   

For your communication to succeed, you must establish clear and understandable rules of cooperation. And that’s exactly why, before hiring an outsourcing partner, you need to test them out. Are they quick to respond to your questions and willing to dispel any of your doubts? Are they helpful and do they provide all the important information? Can they communicate their ideas clearly and understandably? If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, that's a good start!  


Experience is crucial, it goes without saying. Usually, it’s the best idea to choose an IT outsourcing partner who already has some experience. IT outsourcing companies that have been there for years are typically willing to give your project 100% and will have little to no problems with handling clients, solving problems and providing the highest quality of service.  

However, always remember that even though the experience is important, it’s not everything. There are outsourcing startups that are head and shoulders above the longtimers and can provide your company with excellent support.  


Many IT outsourcing services companies operate only in their own specialisation: some of them focus only on one area of software development, such as mobile app development or web development. 

Before starting your search, it’s always good to narrow down your requirements and look for companies that specialise in the area of your choice. This gives you a better chance of finding the right software development team and saves you a lot of time and spares you unnecessary stress.  

Financial Stability  

Knowing whether an IT outsourcing company you consider is in a stable financial situation is an important factor to consider. After all, you wouldn’t like to end up with a company on the verge of bankruptcy, would you?  

Don’t forget to do your research and find out all you can about your potential partner’s financial situation.   

Organisation size  

It may not be the most obvious factor to consider, but it’s advisable to check out company size before committing to one. Why? Well, you wouldn’t like to give a large project to a small IT company. Similarly, you probably wouldn’t choose a big company for a small project, as you may end up with the least experienced developers.  

Identify “the right size” for your project and apply this filter to your search. By choosing the right-sized company, you get an appropriate amount of attention, the best of their software developers and much more.  

Company Culture  

Looking at an IT outsourcing organisation’s company culture will give you an idea of how they take care of their employees and clients. It can also help you identify what kind of values they instil in their team and what principles they stand by. By evaluating a company’s culture you can check whether your values and visions align and if you have the same kind of vibe which is important for future cooperation.  

Cultural Compatibility  

Even though it’s not a must, you probably would want an IT outsourcing partner that understands your culture. Cultural compatibility makes it easier for the client and developers to communicate and makes the overall work experience more streamlined. In addition, you can avoid miscommunication due to language barriers and cultural differences.  

Best IT Outsourcing Strategies  

Once you've decided to outsource some of your business activities, you must invest your energy in searching for the best choice. This requires careful consideration and when done thoroughly, will bring you savings and give your business a competitive edge over others.   

However, if your project ends up in the wrong hands your growth plans could be endangered. So make sure to consider all your options and don’t rush the process. 

Find experienced experts!

Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer

With Microsoft technologies related since 2005. He graduated from the Computer Science Faculty of the Bialystok University of Technology where he was the leader of the .NET Group and the Microsoft Student Partner. Four times finalist of the national stage of the Imagine Cup competition, and later the mentor and the jury member of the contest. Co-founder of the Bialystok .NET Group. He lectured .NET development at the Bialystok University of Technology. Microsoft MVP in the Client Application Development category in 2008-2010, when he actively participated in the IT community. Constant new technology enthusiast and IT consultant.