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Serve your global audience of Apple devices with iOS application development.

Invest in iOS Application Development

Invest in one of the world’s leading operating systems, acclaimed for spearheading mobile application design and versatility. Engage with an array of efficient tools to bring your idea into the hands of millions of Apple device users.

With iOS application development services, your idea can positively impact any desired demographic. Choose from breathtakingly attractive design, unique functionality, and powerfully intuitive programs.

Achieve your objectives with a scalable, tested, and ready-to-deploy App Store creation. Tap into a world of expertise to help integrate your app into your marketing objectives, deploy support, and fine-tune your service to remain in line with your customers’ needs for the future. Success has an app for that.

Flexibility is the most important thing


Flexibility is the most important thing in the production of iOS solutions. That’s why we pay special attention to the selection of technologies and tools for the scale of the project. The code structure itself should not prevent you from making changes to the user interface.

Łukasz Gierałtowski
iOS Technical Lead

The Benefits of iOS App Development

Choose a highly-functional, scalable, and aesthetic creation to attract users, and achieve objectives.


Revenue advantages


Intricate security


Superior standard


Simplified testing


Strong market share


Fast development


iOS remains one of the most significant market segments among smartphone users, with 25% global market share.

What is Possible?

Unleash your potential and develop creations for even the most demanding market environments.


Native apps

Create digital experiences even for the most personalized hardware.



Bring your concept across the physical landscape, from the Apple Watch, to AirPods.


Proven tech-stack

Develop your project with Swift, Objective-C, and XCode.

Native iOS Application Development

Native iOS app development services entail several distinct advantages. Your digital product is completed through a specialized risk-free agile process that is responsive and transparent. App store submission is also handled by our team, ensuring that listing, content, and assets are ready to feature and generate revenue. Establish your presence within one of the most substantial market segments.

Many application development solutions attempt to cater to the market at-large. This can cause your functionality to spread thin across different platforms, particularly when scheduling app updates. By placing your focus on iOS applications, you can create a unique product designed for the specific functionalities and aesthetics of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Hybrid Application Development

Design an MVP, and rapidly bring it to market. In many cases, iOS application development can require tapping into even more extensive markets. When expanding into other operating systems, hybrid application development can be a highly desired strategy.

Hybrid apps are built using cross-platform languages. These ensure one set of code can compile into native byte-code. That, in turn, allows you to run on both iOS and Android mobile devices. When seeking to deploy a hybrid app, you have the advantage of referring to a single codebase and development team. With this choice, you can expect a consistent user experience across every user platform. When you desire a straightforward digital product, hybrid apps are the way to go.

Choose a Team that Fits Your Project

Whether you opt for native or hybrid iOS app development services, choose a team that specializes in the tech required for your project. We’re ready to support both your native project for iOS, as well as cross-platform development using React Native or Flutter.

Depending on your project size and your in-house capabilities, you can also decide to fully outsource your project to a software house or choose an extended team model. The latter is an alternative to outsourcing, based on hiring only the specialists you lack to join your team.

Regardless of the model of cooperation you choose, we will keep you in a loop, ensuring ongoing communication and progress reports, allowing you to remain full control over your app’s development.

Process of Software Development

We follow a proven process to deliver your project.



Analyse, understand, clarify.



Development or implementation of an IT solution.



Continually help and improve.

The Cost of iOS App Development

iOS application development services will require hiring software developers. This can occur whether by building your in-house team or investing in software outsourcing. The cost of the latter will depend on the scope of your project and the hourly rates of a software development company you choose.

The cost of a hybrid or native iOS development services is dependant on the type of project. Hybrid application development, by contrast, may require additional levels of commitment to address other plugins, desired platforms, business logic, number of features, or integrations.

If you’re unsure about the details of your app architecture, the software development team can also help you with this, as well as with choosing the right tech stack for your project.

We’re Your Team of Software Developers

At SoftwareHut, we’re a team of 200+ experienced software developers, ready to deliver your project. With over 200 projects delivered for our clients, we know our craft when it comes to bespoke software development.

 We’re an extended team, which means we can join your project at any time, working hand-in-hand with your in-house software developers. You don’t have a team? No worries, we take on entire projects, too.

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Do you have any questions?

We’ve covered some of the most frequently asked questions to make your decision as straightforward as possible.

What coding language is used for iOS apps?

iOS applications are built using the Objective-C, and Swift programming languages, with the latter created by Apple. Known internally as ‘Objective-C, without the ‘C’’, this is a formidable and versatile programming language, used across its macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and of course – iOS operating systems.

Is investing in a native iOS application development a good idea?

Native iOS application development is a go-to option if your product seeks to target iPhone users. This mainly depends on the value of your desired demographic. iOS contains several unique features and tools, such as the Siri personal assistant. Thus, the commitment to ‘native’ can result in a potentially rewarding, high-quality end product.

If however, your solution seeks to target a broader user base, native iOS development may prove consuming in terms of time and resources. Hybrid application development, using React Native, or Flutter, can be more straightforward in baseline functionality, thereby reaching the market with relative speed.

What is possible with iOS application development?

In short, everything is possible. An iOS application can reach up to 25% of smartphone users across the world. Create virtually any product. Examples include social media and networking applications, messaging services, weather apps, e-commerce platforms, video apps, news applications, and more.

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