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explore benefits of bi development

Explore the benefits

of BI development

Enterprise needs to abide by leading methods, in order to gain an understanding of the environment around it. This is now achievable, through effective data analysis of business information.
Some of the common functions you can expect are KPI reporting, analytics, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.
BI software tools provide operational insight throughout the past, present and future, managing large volumes of structured and unstructured data. By leveraging this information, you can create new business opportunities, and empower your organisation with advantageous market insight, assess the viability of select market segments, and accurately forecast marketing effectiveness.

BI Software Benefits

Discover why Business Intelligence examples help your company compete effectively.

Boost customer understanding
drive revenue
Drive performance and revenue
verify leads
Verify your leads
improve efficiency

Improve operational efficiency

enhance sercices

Enhance personalized services

identify trends
Automate everyday tasks
24_7 access
24/7 Access

The world operates on a 24-hour basis. So should your data!

What is possible

Make informed decisions and improve awareness of your surrounding occupational environment

analytical forecasting

Analytical Forecasting

View and explore possible outcomes and results, before they even occur.
data processing

Data Processing

Leverage your organization’s data to gain a complete picture and make informed business decisions.
predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

Make streamlined decisions and assign functions, based on weighed and calculated forecasts.
invest in BI tool

Invest in Business Intelligence Software

Through the power of Big Data analytics, you stand to gain the insight necessary to experience a sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation. Knowledge often means power – as well as table stakes.
Ensure your organisation takes informed and educated approaches to decision-making and future operations. With the right kind of awareness, this is made possible, and instantly. Identify low-turnover products, supply chain threats, or undiscovered opportunities. 
Choose a Business Intelligence platform that’s optimal for your business. Ensure your solution is backed by only the most sophisticated architecture, from the most trusted partners.
Ensure your competitive lead, with customized embedded Business Intelligence software.

Get Actionable Results with BI Tools

BI tools results

In the information age, an enterprise needs only the most reliable and informative outlook. Without prompt access to knowledge, your organisation risks falling behind. The main disadvantage, however, is a lack of insight into the operating environment of your company.

Bring your organisation from out of the muddied waters and empower management with a newfound understanding of diverse market segments, actionable insight, and robust decision support.

It’s through the right technology that people can leverage competitive advantage and gain a foothold into future operations.

BI tools results
how to choose bi tool

How to Choose

Business Intelligence Tool?

When you’re about to implement the highest-grade implementation of BI software tools, you need to address some key questions. These should help identify your needs as an organisation.
As a business, are you seeking operational insight or more integrated solutions? Business Intelligence tools include the likes of:
  • KPI Reporting
  • Online Analytical Forecasting
  • Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Process Mining
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics

Decision support and a competitive advantage in the market

Many companies can get huge benefits by using their existing data and become data-driven.

Business Intelligence like Power BI can instantly give access to KPIs without the need of manual data collection and calculations.

The insights gained by using these tools can give decision support and a competitive advantage in the market.

Martin Birk
CEO, SoftwareHut Nordic ApS

Examples of BI software

BI development tools will change the way you carry out functions and operational planning.

cloud based bi

Cloud-based BI

customization options

Customization options

mobile bi software

Mobile BI tools

Process of implementing BI software

We follow a proven process to deliver your project.


Analyse, understand, clarify.


Development or implementation of a BI tool.


Constantly help and improve.

BI Software Costs

bi software cost

When allocating a budget for Business Intelligence tools, you should consider several factors. Some of these can be the degree of implementation, the size of your organisation, which impacts on the deployment size, as well as the number of enrolled users.

Business intelligence pricing levels may depend on the level of activity and implementation, however, the financial offsets due to savings should also be highly considered. Thus, business intelligence cost savings are substantial when considering the functionalities and their advantage over manual processes.

With respect to the BI software costs, there is the requirement for an initial fixed investment. Within these initial costs, is the hiring of dedicated software engineers who will establish and customize a solution for your organisation. This model is then free of subscription costs, ensuring a long-term prudent investment.

bi software cost

We’re your team of BI developers

At SoftwareHut, we’re a team of 200+ experienced software developers, ready to deliver your BI software. With over 200 projects delivered for our clients, we know our craft when it comes to bespoke software development.

We’re an extended team, which means we can join your project at any time, working hand-in-hand with your in-house software developers. You don’t have a team? No worries, we take on entire projects, too.


IT professionals


projects delivered


client satisfaction

We use the best tech on the market

What our clients say about us

Without the help of SoftwareHut we would not have been able to scale as quickly as we did.

SoftwareHut delivered a quality product, resulting in an ongoing partnership. The skill level and quality of work is fantastic as well as the responsiveness for requests. They're worth every penny.


The code delivered by SoftwareHut contributed to increased sales

Their team was well organized and disciplined, delivering exactly what was requested within the timeline and price point that they promised.


They’ve demonstrated their agility every time we had a new requirement

Under high pressure, they were quick to produce a great product, piling together resources at an impressive rate. As their amazing efficiency did not compromise the quality of their work, they've secured future collaboration.



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Business Intelligence is a set of tools designed to empower your organisation with knowledge to improve operations. This entails technological solutions, applications, and processes designed for the presentation of business information.
By leveraging data already in your possession, BI tools unlock insight into past, present, and future activities – ensuring management makes informed and educated decisions.
The types of BI software can include, KPI reporting, forecasting, analytics, data mining, process mining, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.
Business Intelligence reporting tools award a range of merits that help provide competitive advantage to your organisation. Management can enjoy unprecedented insight into past, present, and future activity and performance, and make informed business decisions.
Further ensuing benefits include minimized expenditures, improved data understanding, improved identifying of procedural issues, and heightened consumer insights.

The largest providers of software range from Microsoft Power BI, SAP Business Intelligence, to Yellowfin. These examples of out-of-the-box solutions offer a range of plans and features that may suit your requirements and fulfil your organizational objectives.

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