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Developing a website means advancing your business. With web development expertise to match your organisation, you can grow on your terms.

Build, scale, and complement your marketing reach. Give your enterprise the boost it needs and rejuvenate your activity with modern digital transformation. Connect with audiences and clientele through ease and simplicity.

With world-class web development, you can flexibly leverage the power of your brand and customize it to your target market. Your dedicated remote teams will empower you with advanced digital solutions that are robust, reliable, and offer much-desired returns.

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Web Development Benefits

Discover the possibilities of web development and its unparalleled value


Expand Market Presence


Universally Accessible Tool


Respond to Demand


Solidify Brand Consistency


Bolster Reputation


Boost Future Prospects

Behaviour & Information Technology Journal – Taylor & Francis

The time it takes for users to set their opinion. It’s all the time you have to help people determine whether they want to stay on your site – or close the tab.

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Bring world-class web development into the hands of your users, with our specialist solutions.


Front-end Development

Stand out from the competition and request expert design and creation of the most visible features for your web creation.


Backend Development

With technical know-how and a powerful toolkit, we’ll build a connected, robust framework to keep things running.


Customised Design Solutions

Bring out what’s unique about your brand with tailored results. Technical expertise is on-hand for even the tiniest details.

Front-end Development Services

The first impression should last. With web development, your site should be no different. Specialist understanding of the most cutting-edge tech stacks will ensure your pages achieving your objectives with ideal functionality, and aesthetic.

Simply communicate your objectives, and preferred methods and our team will take on the consumer-side of your web development. Leverage the power of know-how of our top technical teams to bring value to your marketing efforts.

Backend Development

It takes aptitude and attitude to fine-tune the background of your website. Use an expert web development team to put your idea into practice, and into cyberspace. If your creation is up but needs help running, you can request them to build on your existing product.

When providing backend development, we refer to the most exacting tech stack, such as Python, Java, .NET and more. Take advantage of dedicated, and technologically mastered teams now!

Choose a Team that Fits

Your Project

When seeking a team for your web development projects, be sure to verify their knowledge and abilities. This team should not only show expertise in technology but also provide the necessary support and guidance in choosing technologies and scaling according to your business needs.

Some organisations will require support for their existing team. Building your team, you will have the option to scale precisely to your requirements. In some cases, you may even need a complete unit, ready to get going with your project. With extended teams, save time and resources and ensure a high-quality end-product.

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Process of Software Development

We follow a proven process to deliver your project.



Analyse, understand, clarify.



Development or implementation of an IT solution.



Continually help and improve.


Web Development Cost

When carrying out a cost assessment of your prospective team, you have to remember to outline a budget. This way, you can recruit the ideal web development team that meets your requirements. In terms of the traditional cost, there continue to be high expenditures in maintaining in-house web development teams.

A relief, in this case, is the more accommodating cost of outsourcing a web development team. This method keeps costs under control and only in-line with the needs of the organisation. Development teams are flexible and responsive, meaning you can add developers at-will, and scale based on the size of your project.

The costs are simply based on the number of hired experts. In this case, the service and assistance they provide help justify the value they bring to your project.

We’re your team of software developers

At SoftwareHut, we’re a team of 200+ experienced software developers, ready to deliver your project. With over 200 projects delivered for our clients, we know our craft when it comes to bespoke software development.

We’re an extended team, which means we can join your project at any time, working hand-in-hand with your in-house software developers. You don’t have a team? No worries, we take on entire projects, too.

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Do you have any questions?

We’ve covered some of the most frequently asked questions to make your decision as straightforward as possible.

How much does it cost to build an app?

The cost of mobile app development depends mostly on its complexity. Given the scope of your project, mobile developers can estimate how many hours such project can take and use their hourly rate to calculate the cost.

For smaller projects it may result with a price range of $25,000 to $75,000, but more complex applications can cost more than $75,000.

What are the main steps in developing a mobile app?

Mobile app development follows similar process to software development projects. It usually consists of:

  • Project Analysis
  • UX/UI design
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and support

What are the two types of apps?

Usually you can choose between native mobile application and hybrid app. The first one is tailored to a specific platform, be it iOS or Android. Hybrid applications, or cross-platform development, targets multiple devices. Common solutions for the latter are React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter.

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