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We build software for established companies that want to grow.

Embrace Digital Technologies

Small and medium-sized enterprises face a different set of problems and challenges than start-ups and corporations. By representing the vast majority of companies, an SME is often an established company with prolonged market presence, and one that in that time has ensured consistent revenue streams.

So, what is the challenge here? And how can a software development company help? SMEs may want to either adapt to changing technologies, develop new tools or features to grow, or gain a decisive competitive advantage.

That’s especially in times of disruptive start-ups, and digital transformation, where small and mid-sized companies seek innovative solutions to improve and scale.

Why SoftwareHut?

We’re your trusted software partner, focused on your needs.



We can analyze and help plan your project based on our expertise.


Software development

We will develop your software or help you scale your existing one.


Optimization and support

Optimization and support Whether you want to streamline or improve your product, we can support you.

Agile team at your disposal


We can take on your existing project


We build software from-scratch

Powering-up Your Project Through Advanced Technology

We create tailor-made IT products for companies of all sizes.


Web apps


Mobile apps


Data intelligence


High volume apps


Cloud development


DB development

We are committed to the project almost as much as our clients


For all companies, especially small and medium-sized, it is very important to spend funds as efficiently as possible and deliver solutions quickly. For this reason, when delivering projects for these clients, we recognise the specificity of their business, advising tailor-made solutions and technologies allowing us to achieve satisfactory results as soon as possible. Regardless of the size of the business, the country of operation, or the client’s industry, we are committed to the project almost as much as our clients.

Wit Więch
Business Analysis Director

The Best Software for Small Business

First of all, we fully understand your needs – whether it’s digital transformation, building a new product or improving an existing one, coming up with innovative solutions, or improving quality and security of your product.

All businesses want to grow, get more customers and retain existing ones. We get that, which is why we can support you with tech that will provide what you need to develop a successful business.

By choosing us, you’re hiring software developers who will adjust to your business goals. Whether you need to build the best SME software from scratch or improve your existing solution, we’ve got you covered. You can outsource the entire project to us or hire our team members to work as your dedicated extended team, joining your in-house employees.

SoftwareHut: a software company for SMEs


Digital solutions help businesses optimise their everyday work, e.g. in the field of human resources, finances, or even energy expenditure. Optimise your use of resources to empower management decisions and curtail expenses.

As the business landscape shifts towards digital products, remaining competitive might be a struggle. Get ahead of your competitors with innovative solutions.

With the right tools and making use of data to drive business decisions, you can focus on your core business and scale your operations.

Hire an agile team, ready to transform your business the way you want, using the best tools and tech available.

By outsourcing your project to a trusted partner, you can focus on maintaining and growing your user base, increasing your productivity.

Process of Software Development

We follow a proven process to deliver your project.



Analyse, understand, clarify.



Development or implementation of an IT solution.



Continually help and improve.

The Tech that Fits Your Needs

Every project is different, and there are countless ways to apply available tech to match your business requirements. But how should you choose the best tech stack for your project? By providing SMEs with software development services, we know how to pick the right tools based on a thorough analysis of your software brief. That’s why you can trust us with your software.

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