Why SoftwareHut?

Bringing knowledge into focus
Original methods and tools
International experience
It's all about the flextime
An office with ambience
Competitive salary

We make use of magazines, books and online trainings. We participate in conferences and workshops – those more and those less formal – where we meet people who, just like us, love creating good code. We also use Pluralsight.com, coaching and free exchanges of knowledge within our own teams.

We are open to innovative solutions, continuously seeking and creating our own original tools and management methods, which we then implement into our work standards. We place great emphasis on using the ideas developed by our own teams, which is why we have created a program that encourages employees to share and keep on top of tools and methods developed by us for other clients.

We carry out projects for clients in Poland and abroad. Our partners include companies from the UK, the US, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and France. We are a flexible organization that acknowledges the work of each employee, appreciating individual potential and work commitment.

We understand that not everybody is a morning person. We care about the actual results instead of how much time each employee spends at their desk. We trust our employees, so we encourage them to work freely and enjoy our convivial work atmosphere. Working in our teams means collaborating with professionals who pay special attention to the accuracy and quality of the code.

We are a group of passionate people who enjoy each other's company and value each other's contribution. In the workplace, we strive to create an informal, friendly atmosphere so that we can freely exchange comments and experiences, making the teamwork as effective as possible. All our offices are in city centres.

We want to provide the best market rates. We reward commitment and acquiring new skills, so the salary is adequate to one's role in the project and increases along with the employee's professional development. We create small teams so that all effort put into work is appropriately noticed, appreciated and rewarded.

Your estimation as simple as 1- 2- 3

We listen to you, analyse your needs and try to give you the best offer.


Your resume and the interview

Typically, the recruitment process begins with assessing your resume. If your experience and skills are in line with our current needs, we will call you. During the in-depth phone interview – or via Skype – we have the opportunity to get to know each other and tell you what we expect.


The competency test

The test is the next step – here we can learn more about your technical skills. The test results are then discussed with a specialist in the given field.


Establishing the details

When you successfully pass the technical part of the process, we set up a date of the final meeting. At the meeting we go through all the details and formalities of working with SoftwareHut.