Marcin Bartoszuk

Chief Technology Officer

With Microsoft technologies related since 2005. He graduated from the Computer Science Faculty of the Bialystok University of Technology where he was the leader of the .NET Group and the Microsoft Student Partner. Four times finalist of the national stage of the Imagine Cup competition, and later the mentor and the jury member of the contest. Co-founder of the Bialystok .NET Group. He lectured .NET development at the Bialystok University of Technology. Microsoft MVP in the Client Application Development category in 2008-2010, when he actively participated in the IT community. Constant new technology enthusiast and IT consultant.

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Tech Perspective #2: Put Out (Any) Fires using Algorithms

Wildfires, Bushfires, Forrest Fires – these are some of the most horrifying cataclysms faced by humanity. How can Machine Learning algorithms help? AI tracks and predicts path of devastating wildfires Using image recognition through Machine Learning Further potential: urban planning, real estate, risk assessment Wildfires, Bushfires, Forrest Fires – where these events occur, devastation follows. But there […]

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Tech Perspective #1: AI Writing Gets Creative

Sometimes, an inspiring word helps motivate us to take our most successful adventures. I like to think that these also make for prudent investments. That’s why it’s always valuable to share them with others. We’re living in a world where technology is exponentially more sophisticated. But how do they register important to your business? Well, […]

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Growing a Startup. Part 1: Why Is It Worth Using Azure?

Have you ever dreamed of having a rapidly growing IT startup? Of course you have! And maybe it is already happening because you are a man of action, aren’t you? Well, it doesn’t matter at all, because, in any case, you should know that the development process isn’t easy but must succeed in the long term.  Before you dive into this article, let me tell you one […]

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27 May, 2017

Why Programmers Don’t Understand Requirements?

We all know projects which are a waste of company's money and which generate sadness for programmers. Is it possible that the source of them is a poor language, used by management in the documentation?
- Of course! - developer screams.
- Impossible! - analyst answers.

The duo from distant and cold Bialystok, together with this small, travelling circus will try to bring together those two worlds. They will show you the most popular fails connected with describing requirements in IT project. They will tell you about what is the result of them, how to avoid them and why is it worth to spend time and money to prepare requirements in the best possible way. Intended effect? Better communication in your projects, less effing and blinding, and more love in your teams.

You are all invited!

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