Marcin Bartoszuk

Chief Technology Officer

With Microsoft technologies related since 2005. He graduated from the Computer Science Faculty of the Bialystok University of Technology where he was the leader of the .NET Group and the Microsoft Student Partner. Four times finalist of the national stage of the Imagine Cup competition, and later the mentor and the jury member of the contest. Co-founder of the Bialystok .NET Group. He lectured .NET development at the Bialystok University of Technology. Microsoft MVP in the Client Application Development category in 2008-2010, when he actively participated in the IT community. Constant new technology enthusiast and IT consultant.

Tech Perspective #15: Deep Work and How to Stay Focused

Problems with concentration  Shallow vs. deep work  Solutions supporting deep work  Have you ever found yourself mindlessly scrolling your Facebook wall, struggling to get back to your tasks? Or ineffectively trying to finish your work after getting distracted by some minor inconvenience?    You’re not the only one. According to Udemy’s survey, nearly 70 percent of employees admit they feel distracted when they’re on the […]

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Intellectual Property Threats full

Tech Perspective #14: Intellectual Property Threats

Shoes from Abibas, t-shirts from CAP, briefs from Ghlain Klain… There are no limits to counterfeiters’ imagination. Whatever product you can think of, there’s a high chance its knockoffs are already being sold or produced. Initially having been a subject to various memes, counterfeiting quickly became a serious issue and threat to many businesses. Counterfeiting […]

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27 May, 2017

Why Programmers Don’t Understand Requirements?

We all know projects which are a waste of company's money and which generate sadness for programmers. Is it possible that the source of them is a poor language, used by management in the documentation?
- Of course! - developer screams.
- Impossible! - analyst answers.

The duo from distant and cold Bialystok, together with this small, travelling circus will try to bring together those two worlds. They will show you the most popular fails connected with describing requirements in IT project. They will tell you about what is the result of them, how to avoid them and why is it worth to spend time and money to prepare requirements in the best possible way. Intended effect? Better communication in your projects, less effing and blinding, and more love in your teams.

You are all invited!

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