Maciej Hałaczkiewicz

Software Developer

 .NET developer focused on web solutions. He had been working mainly on big projects concerning e-learning and HR. Follower of good architectural principles, privately he's interested in rock climbing, carpentry, and video games.

Business Processes in Workflows And Rule Engines

When IT systems become bigger and more complicated, it’s getting harder to maintain complex business logic just through a raw implementation in the code. Changes in hard-coded logic can be costly and time-consuming. When such problems occur, that’s the signal that we should consider passing control over such logic to business users. How can they control and […]

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19 April, 2017

Getting binary data from SQL Server

Have you ever wondered why you should be aware of SQL Server Filestream? If you have not, that's why you should listen to this lighting talk. Thanks to it, you will realise threats of storing binary data in a database - threats which may yet not have occurred in your production environment, but Murphy's law states, that they will.

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