02 August 2018

Białystok University of Technology Changing to Meet The Needs of The Labor Market


Another new course of post-graduate studies has been created in cooperation with a local leader in the IT industry.

The Silicon Wilderness – this sobriquet was first used in the Podlasie region as a synonym for the changes occurring on the regional IT market. The information technology industry is growing dynamically in Białystok. It is beginning to compete with other regions such as Wrocław, the Tricity metropolitan area and Poznań. Collaboration between private entrepreneurs and the Białystok University of Technology has brought a large contribution to the region’s development in terms of IT. Opening a new course of post-graduate studies is another step on this road. JavaScript Developer is the profession that those enrolled in post-graduate studies will have the opportunity to attain, and experts from SoftwareHut, among others, will transfer practical knowledge from this field.

The labor market in the IT sector in Białystok needs qualified workers - as do many other places in Poland. Nationwide data also confirm the information concerning the regional market. It is currently estimated that Poland is lacking approx. 50 thousand information scientists, mainly programmers.

[caption id="attachment_3093" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Lecturers from SoftwareHut: Kamil Mijacz, Piotr Tarasiuk, Karol Rogowski, Przemysław Wiszowaty, Łukasz Muszyński Lecturers from the SoftwareHut: Kamil Mijacz, Piotr Tarasiuk, Karol Rogowski, Przemysław Wiszowaty, Łukasz Muszyński[/caption]

Facing and satisfying market demand

JavaScript Developer is a profession that is currently one of the most sought after, not only on the northeastern labor market. There is constant demand for specialists of this type among employers. In the era of web applications, JavaScript programmers often work on projects also built using many other technologies. This is why the Białystok University of Technology, jointly with SoftwareHut, has decided to launch post-graduate studies that will provide an education in precisely this field. These post-graduate studies are mainly addressed to people who have not had any contact with programming yet. Before starting the course, however, it is worth completing several lessons in any JavaScript course. Solving these problems will serve as the basis for the listener themself to make a decision. - Despite the fact that we will start with the basic of the JavaScript language, over 250 hours of classes (including approx. 200h of JavaScript itself) allows one to expect that this course is intensive enough that it will make it possible to enter the labor market with concrete knowledge and skills. We have qualified and experienced lecturers. Five lecturers will be from the SoftwareHut, another one from the Dynamic Solutions and the last one from the 314 Apps. – explains Dr. eng. Paweł Tadejko from Białystok University of Technology - manager of post-graduate studies.

[caption id="attachment_3094" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Lecturer from Dynamic Solutions: Dawid Kozak The lecturer from the Dynamic Solutions: Dawid Kozak[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3096" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Lecturer from 314 apps: Konrad Kotelczuk The lecturer from the 314 apps: Konrad Kotelczuk[/caption]

Theory and practice

The curriculum of the studies is oriented towards a practical approach – every graduate will have no problem with finding employment at regional software developers. The practical approach is also realized through classes with experienced programmers. The employees of one of the leaders in modern IT technologies in Białystok, the SoftwareHut company, belonging to the technological TenderHut Group, have become involved in the initiative. Five of them will teach classes in this course of studies. – Public appearances are not new to our employees. Thanks to the SoftwareHut Speaking initiative, presenting practical knowledge in the field of programming has become second nature for our specialists – Robert Strzelecki, CEO of SoftwareHut, says with a smile. – Such initiatives are developmental for all parties, for the university, for us as a private enterprise, and for the listeners of the course themselves. Such collaboration can only bring mutual benefit – adds Strzelecki.

Enrollment already underway

Detailed information on the subject of the curriculum of studies can be found at the following address The course lasts 2 semesters. Classes are only held on Saturdays and Sundays, every 2 weeks on average. 9 sessions are planned in the winter semester and 10 in the summer semester. Graduates will receive a diploma for graduating from post-graduate studies in accordance with the laws set forth by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It is also possible to take part in classes according to the rules of participating in training.


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