09 February 2018

CMS Cloud Systems – The Latest Solutions. Conference on the 28th of February.


The leaders of innovative cloud solutions would like to extend an invitation to a free conference titled (cloud CMS systems), which will take place in the Microsoft Headquarters in Warsaw, located at Al. Jerozolimskie 195A. The event is dedicated to businesses where effective communication, both internal and external, are essential. The application process on the Microsoft Events website is in progress, and the number of seats is limited.

The,"Cloud CMS systems’’ conference is aimed at presenting the knowledge of entrepreneurs regarding the possibilities of development for their business due to new technologies. It will also show how good communication can have a positive impact on the company. Those responsible for communication, management and HR at their companies are especially invited to take part in the event.

Communication as a source of success.

During the event, the latest solutions offered by Microsoft, Sitecore, Umbraco and Kentico will be presented. There are also representatives of companies such as intive, SoftwareHut, The Cogworks and Elastic Cloud Solutions among the speakers, who will describe the implementation process of Cloud CMS for their clients. Cloud solutions meet the expectations of the business world, which has never before been so demanding towards new technologies. They are taking the market by storm due to data security and practicality. Companies use technologies of this kind willingly, because they make it possible to access data, wherever we are.

Elastic Cloud Solutions – RODO, intranet and the digital workplace

Intranet solutions are the hobbyhorse of the Elastic Cloud company, on which they have been working for several years, both domestically and internationally. This makes the company perfectly aware of the problems encountered by large organizations. Radosław Ochotny, Technology strategist and cloud expert at Microsoft, will give his presentation about RODO, which is the European regulation concerning personal data safety, and how cloud solutions can support these changes. On the other hand, Łukasz Skłodowski, analyst and architect with over 12 years of experience, will present to the audience the Elastic Workplace issue – which is an intelligent and secure workplace worthy of the 21st century. Grzegorz Ciwoniuk, who will talk about the possibilities of Elastic intranet at the conference, says – It is a modern, flexible and mobile intranet website that significantly decreases the amount of time spent managing information and knowledge within the company. Cloud implementation lasts only a couple of minutes, and operating the system does not require technical knowledge – it is a big simplification for companies outside the technological industry.

SoftwareHut presents the possibilities of Kentico

SoftwareHut, as a leader of the IT market, recently teamed up with Kentico, an innovative supplier of the headless CMS, based on cloud solutions. ­During the conference, we will talk about the cloud solution – Kentico Cloud, which Is a tool for multichannel transfer. The solution includes the latest forms of data transfer, which is what modern business requires today. It makes it possible to swiftly adjust the content viewed on various devices, starting from traditional PCs, smartphones and tablets, as well as smartwatches, or solutions based on augmented reality and virtual reality – says Michał Kwilman, the leader of frontend technologies at SoftwareHut. – All these advantages, while maintaining the simplicity of use, make the system an ideal tool for smart digital marketing – adds Vojtech Boril, who is the first manager of the Kentico Cloud team.

Performance and scalability according to The Cogworks

Another company that will share its experience at the conference is The Cogworks – one of the first Golden Partners of Umbraco, which specializes in designing, creating and supporting internet apps based on the Umbraco CMS and .NET technology. The usefulness of scaling and the capabilities of the Umbraco platform will be presented by Marcin Zajkowski from The Cogworks and Rune Hem Strand from Umbraco HQ. Both experts are Umbraco trainers and enthusiasts – Umbraco CMS is a fully functional opensource system for content management. It is suitable for both small www projects created for a single campaign or as presentations in the web, as well as advanced internet apps created for top companies to manage millions of users – says Marcin Zajkowski. ­We want to present to companies the subject of internet business scaling and the advantages it creates. – adds Rune Hem Strand.

intive will share knowledge about Sitecore and Azure

An expert from the intive company, which has been creating technological solutions to help clients accelerate their digital transformation for years, will also give a lecture during the conference. We will talk about scaling business with the use of Sitecore and Azure. Sitecore is an enterprise-class platform, which should not be perceived only as a CMS. Content management with an elastic workflow and with full support of different language versions are simply the basic tools in Sitecore, meant to serve a higher cause, which is to collect, analyse and utilise the client’s data. All this is to ensure that users get the best impression when confronting the prepared offer. Tools for personalization, tests, and automating marketing give marketers almost unlimited possibilities of improving KPI indicators. Sitecore, knowing the needs of its clients, designed the software so that it would be scalable on various surfaces, and when combined with Azure, scaling can be done simply and quickly. This will be appreciated by many IT departments. When choosing Sitecore, one must be prepared phrases words like "it can’t be done", "will not occur" or "will occur occasionally", because with Sitecore, almost everything is possible - says Łukasz Skowroński, Sitecore MVP, Principal Software Engineer at intive.

- Every entrepreneur, no matter what their business expertise, will find something interesting during the event. We assure that, despite the common subject, the lectures given by the speakers will cover different issues and will be presented in a way that is understandable, even to somebody who is not an IT expert – says Robert Strzelecki, CEO of SoftwareHut.


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