08 February 2018

Five Reasons Why Every Programmer Must Have a Blog


Blogging is not reserved only for professional writers. Self-publishing is an amazing way to become more than a “code writer” and develop your technical and soft skills. Here are five reasons why you should start blogging:

Build your brand and become an IT master.

Your blog can be a great place to show your passion and knowledge; a perfect chance to describe or share your projects with the entire world and become a professional speaker on podcasts, at meetups and conferences. It is also an opportunity for self-development. Talking with new people about their problems pushes you to find solutions for them and motivates you to gain unique experience and knowledge.

At our company, every employee can learn the art of public speaking, train how to talk about difficult things by using simple language, and build their brand as a speaker during IT meetings. Find out more about SoftwareHut Speaking.

A habit of thinking from the readers' perspective.

Nowadays, developers are not only just “coders” but should also know how to cooperate with customers to build software and assure business growth. The process of writing includes recording thoughts on paper. The blogging process encourages you to stop and think deeper. You will delve deeper into the matters of your life and the worldview that shapes them. Even during the software development process, developers have to analyse user behaviour in order to adjust the solution to their needs. Because of this, a developer should have excellent soft and analytical skills. This is a really tough task.

Writing a blog post is looking for and answering your readers' questions. It requires you to get into the  “audience's brain” and give a tailor-made solution or advice.

More readable code and documentation.

Writing will make your code more readable and understandable for non-technical people. The same applies to technical documentation. You will be coding for people too, not only for machines. As result, customers will be happy to understand what you are doing ?. Also, writing helps you to develop good coding practices that will become a habit. It is the best form of self-development that you could ever imagine.

Learn about engaging your audience – Find out more about marketing

By blogging, you learn another skill - how to market yourself. The way to successfully grow your blog is to target the right audience according to interests. As you start acquiring more visitors, you will be thrilled to draw more attention (visitors) to your blog. Throughout this whole process, you will find out all about SEO marketing, types of marketing and how it works, which will help to grow not only your blog but your persona as well. Knowledge about marketing is also essential to the software development process and to understanding a product's/service's business side.

Be More Confident

Blogging will help you acquire more confidence in your life. You will quickly realise that you do live an important life with a unique view and have something to offer others. You will achieve a higher level of social and sales skills.  You will become more open to other people. Conversations will be more relaxed than they have ever been, and your networking ability will increase. If you are interested in entrepreneurship (ex: software company) or thinking about a startup, this could be the first step in making your dreams come true!

If you want to be one of the best developers, start right now and become a blogger. So, keep calm and write!  Trust me, it’s worth it!