05 April 2019

Holo4Labs – Wear Accuracy, Safety, & Confidence


Discover LabTech of the future with Holo4Labs powered by a Mixed-Reality setting. Saving time, ensuring accuracy, and lab worker safety.

Science has brought us unprecedented health, prosperity, and peace. These demand dedication, passion, and a desire to improve your world, even for an instance.

Breath-taking discoveries occur all around us. Sometimes eureka moments are a falling apple, an accidental brandy. But most moments bloom inside the laboratory. Meticulous, and orderly; the lab is where it all begins. But in this digital world, what of the pioneers of humanity’s fight for progress?

I mean the Scientists, of course.

Scientific breakthroughs can only happen with ease of work. Once in a generation, an incredible innovation takes place. Holo4Labs is this innovation. This software sends real-time information to the front lines of innovation and progress.

One-of-a-kind, Holo4Labs is Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) united with Microsoft HoloLens 2. Unlimited possibilities aim to make this critical field as streamlined as ever.

In truth, knowledge is always right in front of our eyes. But with Holo4Labs, we can finally see it.

Research & Development

Holo4Labs is the result of over 3 years of Solution4Labs research & development. This took place with preparations for the first generation of HoloLens. With the HoloLens 2 debut, Solution4Labs acted, launching Holo4Labs.  

We developed the software through a close collaboration between Solution4Labs, and our partners. The ExtraHut team was behind software design, whereas SoftwareHut was responsible for development. 

Gesture recognition, voice-control, and Mixed Reality (MR) display are some of these capabilities. Unprecedented, Holo4Labs brings together a perspective bespoke for the research environment.

holo4labs mixed reality software view

Industries digitise, as do our laboratories. As safety and accuracy are primary concerns for the user – labs too need a transformation. Among the first tasks to alter, will be manual data inputs, one of many prone to human error.  

What is Holo4Labs

Holo4Labs is the only HoloLens software designed to run Thermo Fisher™ SampleManager LIMS™.  

Of course, the technology has implications for almost every industry in existence. Holo4Labs especially facilitates Tech, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, and Science through its MR and LIMS. 

A step-up from Augmented Reality (AR), MR synchronises the digital and physical worlds. AR apps will simulate images, layering the digital, onto the real world. MR applications let users interact with overlays, affecting devices in the physical world.

By the merits of MR, LIMS operates through the users’ eyes and hand gestures. Sample recognition, procedure, measurement, and documentation are all possible without ‘extra hands.’  

Holo4Labs brings you a safe, simplistic, and accountable lab environment. In other words, it’s a boon to those seeking discovery – with comfort, and confidence in the task-at-hand.  


Holo4Labs will scan, inform, record, and analyse. Effortless command methods; voice, and hand gestures are all that’s needed. In all, the attributes are intuitive and significant.  

Special Interface

The user interface takes full advantage of the Microsoft HoloLens2 HD display. Initially, the UI used a fixed component on the HoloLens. Then, to suit lab environments, we requested ExtraHut to design a customised version. The result is a more intuitive experience made less invasive to the end user. 


Intuitive eye-tracking grants greater comforts, ensuring a consistent front-facing Head-up display (HUD). Navigating the system is also made simple. Using intuitive hand gestures, lab technicians can cycle options, settings, and step-by-step procedures.


The dedicated camera uses hands-tracking, for intuitive gesture recognition – enabling a hands-free user experience. This camera also uses photo & video functions aiding in paperless documentation.

Accurate Spatial Awareness

Sensors feature throughout and ensure understanding of the user’s spatial environment. These include Inertial, Light, and Depth Sensors, activated by four purpose-built headset cameras.

holo4labs mixed reality molecule view


Microphones are in-place, applicable to the user’s spoken word. They can also apply to the working environment, where sounds are a factor in the lab procedure. Applications and prompts also confirm through voice commands.

One of the merits of LIMS are collaborations which Holo4Labs facilitates via video-conferencing. Specialists, lab managers, and other stakeholders can access real-time lab procedures. They can also gain an insight into the lab process, even providing remote supervision. Instantaneous warnings and item specifications are also well-featured on the MR overlays.


Lightweight Holo4Labs software uses Microsoft HoloLens 2 headsets, suitable for extended use. These feature a 2K-res display providing a generous 52 degrees view. Many lab environments consist of extensive peripherals for which this configuration is well-suited.

The Future

Holo4Labs is a Solution4Labs design, using Thermo Fisher™ SampleManager LIMS™. This advanced software enables automation to apply to thousands of labs, globally.

Allow me to explain the fundamental problem:

  • Work in a laboratory requires focus, meticulousness, accuracy, and to see potential hazards. 
  • In-fact today, precision, safety, and attention all define the ideal lab setting.
  • For this reason, the need for closer oversight is as pressing as ever.

For technicians within the lab, all necessary steps and procedures are now made clear. Information communicates throughout samples’ collection, via text, audio or video feed. Notifications allow individuals to keep abreast of developments or foresee risks in real-time.

Today represents the systematic and paperless future of LabTech. And it is one that Holo4Labs grants to the lab-based community. Today, LIMS stores and analyses data, providing security and restoring confidence.

The prospects are infinite, all which are revolutionary. And while the weight of the future rests on the shoulders of today’s lab workers. By using Holo4Labs, humankind’s most respected professions will feel a world of ease.

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Paweł Gawkowski
Chief Operating Officer - Solution4Labs

Experienced Project Manager and Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in project management, ERP Implementations, LIMS Implementations, Business Systems Implementation and E-commerce.