09 July 2020

How IT Outsourcing Can Improve Your B2B System and Grow Revenue?


Today, the business reality is changing faster than ever. This happens as a result of factors beyond your control, such as law or pandemic, but also because of something 100% dependent on you– the implementation of new technologies.

Why so? Because you have a choice.

New business models are emerging as a result of constant changes. In response to these processes, companies try to fill gaps in the functions of company ERP systems by buying external, ready-made, complementary solutions. Unfortunately, these solutions are not always adapted to their needs.

Fortunately, there is another solution which is even more popular among the clients who are aware of this possibility – outsourcing of IT services. It’s your own team of professionals who will adapt your IT systems to market changes.

The question is: do you want to have your own team and what role does computerisation play in the development and strengthening of your company’s position?

To improve business efficiency, you probably already use communication tools. Maybe you even have your own retail online store. But are electronic communication and retail channels really that sufficient? The answer is no.

Companies that have their outsourcing teams agree that the systems adjusted to their needs:

  • allow them to quickly implement strategic decisions,
  • facilitate accurate risk and threat assessment,

And above all:

  • contribute to the increase in revenues, being their source.

What are your priorities in the company’s development?

Let’s imagine that your priority is not only to enter foreign markets but also to expand your offer. How do you want to achieve this? Will you hire a new salesman? Will you organise expensive and, as of today, uncertain trade fairs? Will you invest in advertising?

You can apply all practices that you know, but the result will still be the same. You spend too much time preparing the offer, not paying enough attention to your customers. As Albert Einstein said, “it’s crazy to do the same thing and expect different results.”

Your own IT team developing a dedicated B2B sales system will allow you to increase your company’s performance. As of today, the task of the IT department is also to seek opportunities for innovative ventures and the possibilities of using modern solutions ahead of the competition.

What problems can you solve quickly by implementing a B2B system?

1. Facilitating customer relations

This aspect of business consists of many elements, including presentation of your full and current offer, prices including individual discounts, quick search of products tailored to your needs, contact with an individual supervisor, and comfort in placing orders, regardless of time zone:

  • information about the progress of order fulfillment,
  • history of orders and sales documents,
  • easy settlement control.

2. Accelerating the work of salesmen

This aspect can be summarized shortly: more time for the client, less time for preparing and updating the offer and for other formalities, such as:

  • better sales management,
  • easy control over a growing number of customers,
  • streamlining and increasing control of business processes.

If sales increase or remain at a high level, the period of processing data on sales, inventory, or production increases proportionally.

Up to date sales analysis – efficient management of large amounts of data in real-time.

Regular and fast data analysis is necessary because it allows you to detect potential threats or opportunities in a short time, and thus make development in foreign markets more stable.

Quick preparation of dedicated offers targeted at individual markets and/or individual clients.

What other challenges in managing your business are easy to regulate?

1. Optimisation of production:

  • better organisation of production – production focused on customer needs,
  • faster product flow from production to delivery to the customer.

2. Image enhancement:

  • the company as a pioneer in the industry,
  • the managing person as a visionary and strategist.

3. Benefits in the long run:

  • strengthening the company’s position in the world,
  • a chance to service new customers without increasing the staff, which generates real savings,
  • diversification of sales channels: greater opportunities to establish business relationships, eg with partners who can build their online stores based on the data from your wholesale system.

This is especially important in the case of international commercial operators, who are now more often than ever make a cooperation with suppliers conditional upon the implementation of tools responsible for electronic data exchange (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange).

How to start the development of B2B systems supporting the generation of larger revenues?

You should start with the conscious choice of a team of IT specialists experienced in this field, headed by a qualified project manager who is familiar with the business and commercial environment. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need people who understand and know the business. And what effects can you expect?

Increase in sales value after the introduction of the B2B system:

  • + 20% increase in sales during optimisation,
  • + 97% increase in sales during the first trading year after implementation.

When you return to ‘normal life’ in the post-COVID era, you probably will learn the hard way how difficult it is to rebuild broken supply chains, both in the area of purchases and sales. How hard it is to give fresh impetus to the suspended company.

It will be way easier if your IT systems are integrated, operational management and sales are improved, and IT technologies help you to organise and automate your production processes.

As Heraclitus of Ephesus said, ‘The only constant thing in life is change.’ Don’t be surprised by the upcoming change. Be prepared for it.

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Agnieszka Topczewska-Pińczuk
Scrum Master | Project Manager

I believe that anything I do, I do for the end-user. I maximise value by:

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