15 April 2021

Meet 10 Companies Using Vue.js Framework for App Development


Vue.js has already earned a significant spot among the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

Since its inception in 2013, it has been consistently getting more publicity. Developers have been interested in Vue.js for quite a while now, and today the framework is surrounded by an active community of enthusiasts.

And there are numbers to prove it! According to 2020 Developers Survey, Vue was third the most loved framework, with 66% of developers who are developing with the language or technology expressing their interest in continuing to create with it.

Considering its growing popularity, as well as a devoted community of aficionados, it was only a matter of time before companies began to see its potential.

Let’s find out who uses Vue.js for app development!

Why Choose Vue.js for App Development?

What are Vue’s main selling points that make developers and business owners select it as their technology of choice? First of all, Vue has it all to make for easy and smooth development. It not only ensures a pleasurable and seamless development experience but also reduces time and money needed to create the final product. It’s a win-win situation for both teams and business owners.

Another reason for its popularity is its flexibility. Vue doesn’t try to force devs into doing things one specific way, as some other popular JavaScript frameworks might. It can be used as a library in a project, or it can be used to build a complete project as a full-featured framework.

Since it’s JavaScript-based, it can be integrated easily with any existing app in which JavaScript integration is possible. In fact, 76% of developers participating in the 2019 edition of the State of Vue.js Report consider ease of integration Vue’s biggest asset.

Moreover, Vue.js is progressive. It can be introduced in the code gradually which makes the entire process of development more manageable.

No wonder why so many business owners are drawn to Vue!

Who Uses Vue.js for App Development?

From gaming powerhouses to social media platforms, more and more companies decide to use Vue to create their web products. Who uses Vue.js in their products?


It is a well-known fact among the community of Vue enthusiasts that Vue.js is favourable among Asian countries, and the Japanese gaming powerhouse is no exception.

Creators of Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong chose Vue for different parts of their online presence. They use Vue.js for some of their regional websites in Europe.

And have you heard about their reward system, My Nintendo? If you are a Nintendo enthusiast, you should definitely check it out! And btw, its website was also created using Vue.


Behance is a leading platform for showcasing creative work of all kinds. To provide its users with even better performance of their platform, they decided to replace their in-house solutions with a community-supported technology.

Behance used Vue to smoothly migrate the existing codebase. It turned out to be the right choice, as using Vue granted them with the excellent performance, as well as cost-effectiveness.


Having any problems with English grammar? Check out Grammarly! Grammarly scans your text in search of misspells, contextual and punctuation errors while you enjoy a simple yet competent layout.

To build their approachable and aesthetically pleasing user interface, the frontend team of Grammarly took advantage of Vue.js. Simplicity is the key!


Be honest, how much time have you spent scrolling 9GAG in search for best memes? TBH, I’ve lost count.

As an ancient user I still remember the great makeover. At the beginning of 2018, 9GAG decided to radically change the site’s layout and replaced React with Vue.js.


Have you ever thought about creating a customised BMW? A man can dream… With BMW USA’s car configurator, it’s possible!

It allows you to choose different colours, wheels or upholstery. It also walks you through different feature packages according to your needs. And all that thanks to Vue!

Adobe Portfolio

Adobe created a product called Portfolio, which allows its users to quickly and simply build a personalized website to showcase their creative work.

To ensure the exceptional user experience and performance, they decided to pick Vue as their framework of choice.


Upwork is a freelancing website that gives enterprises and individuals the platform to connect to conduct business. Upwork has over eighteen million registered freelancers and five million registered clients.

There’s no wonder they wanted to provide their users with the highest quality of service. That’s why they decided to use Vue for the important elements of their platform, such as the overview of freelancers.


When searching for a flight, no one wants to struggle with overcomplicated websites or apps. What matters is intuitive and usable UX. Wizzair, a European low-cost airline, knows it,

As reported by ‘MadeWithVueJS’ website, Wizzair uses Vue.js for some elements of their flight search to ensure good responsiveness and lightweight design.


GitLab, a web-based Git repository providing free open and private repositories, issue-following capabilities, and wikis, has experienced difficulties with implementing and maintaining complex features and struggled to scale their Rails + jQuery app.

To boost time and cost efficiency, GitLab incorporated Vue.js. And that’s not the only advantage! On top of that, it allowed them to implement more complex features.


Still not sure about using Vue? And what if I tell you that Vue.js was implemented on the marketing side of its Newsfeed?

Even the biggest players on the market put their trust in Vue!

Trust Vue

As you can see, many enterprises are using Vue.js for the development of the elements of their platforms, or whole applications and websites. The names speak for themselves!

Their trust proves that Vue is definitely worth a shot and may prove beneficial for your projects.

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Paweł Siemieniuk
Software Developer