07 July 2017

Preparing for a trip? Don’t forget a mobile app!


Approximately 93% of Polish medium-sized enterprises send their employees on business trips. Which mobile apps should we use, to make our trip more convenient? We will try to answer these questions with Robert Matyszewski – vice-president of an IT company called SoftwareHut, who is responsible for global sales in the TenderHut capital group. Robert, due to his professional position, spends a lot of his time traveling.

Nowadays, when it comes to mobile phones, applications are becoming as important as the call feature. That is because we tend to seek guidance via our smartphones first. If that fails, we seek support by contacting other people. Which mobile app will turn out to be the most supportive – both on business and leisure trips?

Navigation always and everywhere

The abundance of mobile apps can make a person dizzy. That is why we need to follow a few simple rules when choosing one – says Robert Matyszewski, Vice president of SoftwareHut. Maps available on the smartphone should be accessible off-line, since we may often face the lack of internet during our travel– says the expert. MAPS.ME is an application worth recommending, due to its detailed global set of maps, which do not require roaming fees or constant internet connection when using them. Google Maps on the other hand is a solution  for users, who prefer voice navigation: here we can also use the off-line mode. However in order to use the maps off-line, one must download the maps, which concern the area he is interested in. These solutions will ensure, that the traveler will not feel  unfamiliar in any part of the world. If on the other hand, we do not want to travel by foot, we can use the Uber app. It allows the user to connect the passenger with the driver. The solution is much cheaper than an ordinary cab, maintaining the same comfort and security level. It is a global service, which operates in 68 countries worldwide, therefore it is worth keeping even if we are abroad. I use UBER not only for business purposes. Everywhere I go, I check if Uber is available. Recently, I even used Uber during my vacation on Sri Lanka – adds Matyszewski.

Aps developed for travelers

Trip Advisor is one of the most popular browsers for travelers. Users can find a lot of important information concerning hotels and restaurants: mainly customer feedbacks, price comparison, photos and maps. This information is available for more than 300 cities throughout the world. A vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok, a Chinese restaurant in Rome? With Trip Advisor, finding what we want will take a couple of seconds. Robert Matyszewski constantly travels between foreign offices of his company. In his opinion it is a very helpful tool for workers during business trips: very often in my travels abroad, I need to find a suitable restaurant for business meetings in a short period of time.

Trip Advisor greatly decreased the time spent for searching  – a few taps on the screen and I know, where to go and what meal to order. A huge advantage of the app Is the opportunity to save information concerning our favorite places. The app allows us to plan the journey and view it on our smartphone. Trip Advisor works offline as well – all you have to do Is pick a city and download information concerning interesting places there, as well as tourist guidelines and reviews.

We can also get much support from the Airbnb app, which allows us to rent a room or flat in just a matter of seconds. It is an interesting alternative for those, who prefer a homely atmosphere, or those who need to stay in an area, where hotel rooms are not available. Airbnb is also an opportunity to get a room with an interesting view on the city or an apartment with a unique style – adds Matyszewski

Problems with packing luggage? Take your mobile phone

Packing is troublesome for many, because travellers usually don’t want to take too much luggage with them. In this situation, a  mobile app called PackTeo might come in handy. It follows our preferences and allows us to generate a list of necessary items for a particular trip. – For a short business trip, I don’t want to take too much luggage, but also It is very important, to have everything which is needed. The app helps me to pack effectively. It analyses the weather conditions , which may occur at my travel destination, at the time when I will get there. A lot of my associates also use this tool before their business trips –says Robert Matyszewski.

Mobile App useful for business

Robert Matyszewski is not only a user of mobile applications, but also one of the initiators of creating a novelty for smartphones – an application, which navigates through the companies workplace. The Vice-president of Softwarehut explains: the companies within the TenderHut group are developing fast, we hire more and more specialists, so our workplace  needs to expand as well. This caused confusion for our new employees in getting around the company and resulted in time loses for our workers. We created an app Zonifero – in-door GPS, which navigates me through the company and informs me, where can I find particular office parts, i.e a vacant conference room, or particular employees. It is very helpful when you didn’t have the opportunity to meet the new employee face to face yet.

A helping hand in traveling

Mobile phones nowadays are becoming a small command center for our activities, therefore it is essential to equip them  with additional features when travelling – both for business and leisure. It is worth mentioning, that 33% of the surveyed companies organize business trips at least once a week.

Mobile apps allow us to avoid stress before and during out trip. And since we have such a variety of apps, all we have to do is choose the ones, which suit our needs. And then it is just ,,Off we go’’.

Alicja Szymkiewicz
PR IR Manager

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