25 July 2022

How to Recognise That Your Magento 2.X Project Needs Some Fresh Blood


Nowadays, online businesses are becoming more and more important. Shoppers of all generations have embraced online stores as another convenient way to purchase their favourite items. And there are numbers to prove it!  

In light of a rapid rise in eCommerce, online retail sales will reach $6.17 trillion by 2023, with eCommerce websites taking up 22.3% of total retail sales.  Moreover, as the research by Statista suggests, 75% of people shop online at least once a month

As you can see, the upward tendency is not slowing down. And that’s exactly why so many retail businesses are going online. 

Among the many eCommerce frameworks available, Magento has become the top choice because of its incredible flexibility, scalability, efficiency and customizable features. 

However, without highly engaged and skilled Magento developers, it all goes to waste. Sometimes, your projects need just a shot of new energy to expand to their true potential. Follow me to identify all the signs that your Magento team may need some fresh blood.  

Why It’s So Important to Hire the Right Magento Developers 

As I already mentioned, Magento has gained unprecedented popularity due to its reliability and flexibility. It emerged as one of the most efficient, robust, and scalable open-source eCommerce platforms on the market. It offers a wide ray of powerful tools for building and managing your online store. On top of the benefits is the fact that it has also helped successfully attract customers and increase the revenue and sales of many businesses. 

However, to take full advantage of the features of Magento, it’s absolutely crucial to hire talented and skilled Magento developers. And that’s quite a challenge. Even though Magento has repeatedly proven to be the most user-friendly and flexible platform, hiring top Magento developer is not an easy task. Due to the ever-growing interest in eCommerce business, there’s a fierce battle for talent. 

The skills and experience of your employees drive innovation and growth of your eCommerce project, so you need to make sure that you have the right people on your team. 

Finding the Perfect One 

Hiring the right talent can prove to be the key ingredient to creating the best eCommerce experience for your customers. If you succeed in your quest to hire the best Magento specialist, you can visualize your future with fruitful outcomes of sales, profits, and customer satisfaction. 

However, finding suitable members for your team of Magento developers can be a tedious and lengthy process. Even though there are as many as 6,000+ certified Magento developers in the world today and over 300,000+ developers in the Magento community that work with the platform, it may be difficult to find a magento developer, at least the right one. Talent acquisition is a challenge even for the most successful companies in any industry. That said, upgrading your company’s talent is often what makes the difference between staying ahead of the game and falling far behind the competition.   

When you feel that your eCommerce store can’t keep up with the ever-changing situation on the market and you’re losing your clients, it’s high time to upgrade your Magento team. 

Signs That Your Team Needs Some Fresh Blood 

Not sure if your team is up to snuff? Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that it’s time to hire new blood. 

You consistently see major gaps in your current team’s knowledge and skills 

Even though Magento has a reputation as one of the most flexible and customisable eCommerce platforms, it’s fair to say that it is often regarded as of the more challenging platforms on the market. Without the right skills and experience of Magento specialists, it may be difficult to effectively manage your eCommerce store. 

What doesn’t help either is the fact that the situation on the market, as well as customers’ expectations, are always changing. If your team can’t keep up with the latest trends on the market, struggle to come up with new ideas to develop your website and you feel like your team keeps idle in one place, it’s probably high time to add some new blood to your team. 

Competitors are routinely outpacing you 

Now it’s more complicated than ever to break into the eCommerce market. No wonder, as there are an estimated 12 million – 24 million eCommerce sites across the entire globe, with more and more being created every single day. You have to admit, it’s quite a big competition. 

It’s always important to keep an eye on the competitors in your area of interest. However, if these observations make you anxious about the condition of your business, it may be necessary to make some improvements to your Magento team. Once you fall too far behind your competition, it may be too late to recover and stop the loss of customers. A shot in the arm may be just exactly what your team needs to gain the upper hand and deliver reliable and innovative solutions.  

There are too many responsibilities for your team to handle 

Managing an eCommerce platform is a piece of work. If you want to stay up to date with all the technical novelties on the market, it’s crucial to keep your team at the highest levels of mobilisation. However, sometimes even the most enthusiastic and motivated employees may feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of responsibilities. 

If your employees show signs of fatigue and can’t keep up with the pace of development, you may want to support them with some new blood. Especially if you want to introduce new features to your eCommerce store, a fresh set of eyes may be exactly what you need. 

Make the Most of Your Magento Team 

Magento is a complex platform, and you need experienced and skilled developers to handle the difficulties. Hiring a professional team of Magento developers will assure success and the highest performance of your website.  

However, if you feel like your team is falling behind, make sure to hire new talent to make the most of the Magento platform. 

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Marcin Baranowski
Magento Tech Lead

B2C / B2B E-commerce and E-store Expert. During his 10 years of experience, he has helped over 100 e-stores in migration and development. Specialised in Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, and WooCommerce.