30 January 2018

SoftwareHut Implements The Kentico Cloud CMS


SoftwareHut, the technological leader in IT solutions from Białystok, has teamed up with Kentico, an innovative vendor of a cloud-based headless CMS. The established partnership has already resulted in a joint system implementation for a Swedish venture capital, Nordic Tech House, known for supporting startups.

Polish-Swedish cooperation

This solution ideally meets the expectations of the Swedish investment group – Nordic Tech House, which implemented Kentico’s software solution with support from SoftwareHut. We have chosen SoftwareHut and the innovative headless CMS because we have confidence in our technological partner, with whom we successfully completed several other projects. We have positive emotions regarding our past cooperation. Therefore, we knew which company to choose – says Viktor Lundqvist from Nordic Tech House. Our fund in Sweden specialises in supporting start-up projects, not only from the financial side but also regarding business and marketing issues. We like to cooperate with companies that,  like us, are creative and innovative – adds Viktor Lundqvist.

For the company from Bialystok, which is fond of challenges, the cooperation in implementing the project for Nordic Tech House was satisfying, although the project itself had a limited schedule due to a promotion event that was planned earlier. Robert Strzelecki is known for undertaking difficult tasks. This time, again, his experience did not fail us. The website is in the final phase of creation. Soon, a completely new look of the site will be presented. - It will utilise the potential of the new Kentico system, including multichannel transmissions and methods of adapting content. Today, the content needs to be viewed in various media. Therefore Kentico’s headless CMS is an ideal tool, which will meet the expectations of a continually changing reality - says Robert Strzelecki, CEO of SoftwareHut – Kentico’s Polish partner.

Cloud computing and the world of multichannel transmissions

Kentico Cloud is a cloud-based headless CMS (content management system) and digital experience platform. Dispersing the system within the cloud and introducing a unique approach to content management allowed Kentico to create a solution, which is the answer to the diversified internet environment. It also includes the latest forms of content transmission. This solution makes it possible to quickly adapt content viewed on numerous devices, starting from traditional computers, smartphones and tablets, but also smartwatches or Augmented Reality solutions, as well as Virtual Reality solutions.

Not only CMS

Kentico Cloud is a comprehensive content management platform, innovative, as well as clear and intuitive. Therefore it is precisely what clients, who understand the need for multichannel transmissions, expect. The need for multichannel transmissions is presented in the following data. Currently, over 51% of users browse the web using mobile devices. On the other hand, the market for services related to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will grow from the current 5.2 billion dollars to 162 billion dollars in 2020. Since 2004, Kentico has supported companies in establishing and maintaining contact within the virtual world. – Kentico Cloud, our newest project, is a perfect exemplification of the SaaS (software as a service) idea, which allows for utilising the required tools in a simple, modular way. Headless CMS introduces an entirely new stage of content management – explains Petr Palas, Founder and CEO of Kentico Software, a fast-growing CMS vendor with offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America, and cooperating with partners from over 80 countries worldwide, including SoftwareHut.


Alicja Szymkiewicz
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