15 December 2017

The Headache of an Office Manager


The office manager is the silent hero of every office, who faces the vastness of activities and organizational problems and allows every worker to function efficiently. Starting from providing office materials and managing the conference room booking system, to boarding new employees. These are the everyday tasks encountered by the office manager. How can one find their way around these situations? What modern solutions can support office managers in their everyday work?

Even a relatively small office needs a person to manage it. This is the role of the office manager – thanks to whom employees can perform their work without problems. – An office manager is a person for special tasks – says Robert Strzelecki, vice-president of the innovative company TenderHut,with a smile – he is responsible for the smooth performance of the entire office, its condition and equipment. We designed a special app to improve their work, which provides an answer to the needs of both workers and the office manager.Zonifero– our latest app, is made especially for supporting everyday work and office management – says Robert Strzelecki.

Small and large challenges

A good manager has a solution to a problem before it occurs. A person holding this position faces the everyday difficulties encountered by the company. Lack of water, printer failure, WC malfunction – these make up only a fraction of an office manager’s tasks, which, if not solved, can cause disorganization in the entire office. As an example, we can point out problems with the printer, which is used on the entire floor in our office building. Instead of looking for the office manager, describing the situation and explaining the problem, employees simply need to take a photo of the printer’s notification and send it via Zonifero. The recipient of the notification instantly knows which printer failed and where it is located. Another challenge that managers encounter is boarding new employees. Companies need to provide office space and equipment, as well as information concerning the enterprise’s work routine. Here is where Zonifero might come in handy. Information about new team members is sent via the app, therefore the entire company knows about their new colleague and where he is seated after just a couple of seconds. The new employee, on the other hand, can install the app on their smartphone and receive information concerning the most important parts of the office, including the kitchen, restroom and the manager’s office. When entering a room, he will instantly know the names of the co-workers who are working there – addsRobert Strzelecki, whose company grew three-fold in recent years.

For the office manager, even more work is concerned with changes within the company’s structure, i.e. when expanding departments. The office manager carries a heavy responsibility in these kinds of situations, due to the fact that it a comprehensive logistical operation that needs to be carefully planned and performed in order not to distort the company’s work routine.The office manager is the person responsible for logistics within the company, and that is why it is important to support his work by all means possible. – says Paweł Gossa, CEO of  INVESTCOVER, which specializes in managing construction projects and supervising investments concerned with constructing and modernizing office spaces. Organizing the company’s premises is crucial and should support the office manager’s work. Over the last couple of years, we have observed rapid growth on the market with regard to mobile apps that make it possible to quickly rearrange the office interior and swiftlymangethe office. As an example, we can point out modern sliding walls, which allow for dividing one big room into smaller ones, where more personal meetings may be held. For office managers, this is a great convenience, as it resolves organizational problems and generates savings – adds Paweł Gossa.

Technological support for the office manager.

How to maintain control over a company when new challenges and things to do are piling up every day? Support may come in the form of a… mobile app. Robert Strzelecki is the creator of the Zonifero mobile app, which may soon become the right hand of every office manager. Thanks to Zonifero, reporting malfunctions or other office problems is child’s play. Workers don’t need to personally contact the office manager – says Robert Strzelecki, vice-president of TenderHut. Zonifero, as an office organizer, may improve the company’s performance in many ways. One glance at the smartphone and we instantly know if a particular person is available at the office, which rooms are vacant and where we can organize meetings. The module for booking conference rooms has been integrated with displays installed in front of the rooms, in order to improve the performance of not only the office manager, but other workers as well.

Cooperation with the cleaning team

Zonifero is equipped with a special module that digitalizes control over the office cleaning services. Zonifero greatly simplifies communication between the office manager and our employees, as well as the person responsible for keeping the office clean. The cleaning team has designated areas and assigned tasks, which can be marked as completed when finished. This functionality provides information about which cleaning team member performed their duties and when. Our employee sends reports with attached photos to the office manager about incidents that require his attentionexceedthe determined scope of works, or require a different rate according to the price list. On the other hand, the office manager, can inform the person responsible for managing the cleaning team about the malfunctions that occurred, such as power outages, water shortages, schedule modifications, and indicate the areas that require additional attention due to the indicated malfunctions – says Paweł Wiśniewski, Board member ofWAPA SYSTEM from the Facility Management industry, which specializes in maintaining cleanliness.

New technologies surely offer great support in the everyday work of an organization. A modern office that can be rearranged, where the changes can be viewed instantly using a mobile app, is a huge convenience which will soon be the standard in every office. Digital Office Management solutions are the future of managing office organization.


Alicja Szymkiewicz
PR IR Manager

Experienced Corporate Communication Manager in fields of IR, PR and marketing. A philosopher, PR person and IR person by profession. Privately enthusiastic diver, mum for a son and young Labrador, and happy wife for one husband.