16 February 2018

GSWtech - The IT company from Szczecin Has Been Taken Over by the TenderHut Group


The TenderHut capital group from Bialystok is developing rapidly. At this moment, it possesses 7 foreign offices, and a new department in Szczecin will be the third after the Białystok and Olsztyn development centers in Poland. The company, besides taking over other IT companies, also plans to initiate an intensive recruitment process in the Zachodniopomorskie region.

GSWtech is the first IT company from Szczecin that has been taken over by the technological group from the Podlasie region. The group’s board of directors has announced further acquisitions in this region. Taking over small local IT companies is a positively verified strategy of the TenderHut group, which has acquired 3 IT companies from Bialystok over the last several years, increasing the number of specialists at the same time. From now on, GSWtech will operate under the SoftwareHut brand – which belongs to the software programming company being part of the TenderHut portfolio.

From cooperation to a common brand

The specialists from GSWtech are experts in developing and implementing bespoke software which supports the performance of companies, including software for managing production or company asset transfer. In the past, we worked with TenderHut on implementing LIMS class systems, which are specialized systems dedicated for managing laboratories. This is how our joint collaboration began. As GSWtech, we were responsible for pre-implementation software analysis in the laboratories of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin and the EIT+ Wroclaw Research Center - explains Paweł Gawkowski, founder of GSWtech. Our former cooperation was a success and resulted in further joint business ventures. – When I offered for GSWtech to join our SoftwareHut team, I knew that it is a reliable partner and a good foundation on which we could establish our department in the Zachodniopomorskie voivodeship – says Robert Strzelecki, vice-president of TenderHut.

Pursuing trends – Internet of Things

Taking over GSWtech allowed the TenderHut group to increase its competencies regarding IoT projects. The development of consumer electronics towards the Internet of Things is a clear trend now and in the years to come. I expect that this year may result in the advancement of IoT technology to the next level, where devices will not only transfer data but also communicate with each other. Additionally, this technology, besides consumer electronics, will be used more often in retail trade, healthcare and logistics. We receive an increasing amount of requests from clients regarding IoT implementations, therefore increasing the number of specialists in this field was important to us – states Robert Strzelecki. GSWtech experts, since the company’s establishment, have been involved in designing electronic circuits and software for managing them. The company from Szczecin worked on projects like test systems for PLC controllers, wireless converters for line alarm systems, EEPROM memory programmers, firefighting system controllers, independent microrobots and wire-controlled treaded robots. Additionally, Szczecin itself has a strong position in the industry of firmware development, with access to a wide range of IoT experts.

Consolidation and recruitment

The group, after establishing itself in Szczecin, will consist of a team of over 200 IT specialists. Taking over smaller but ambitious companies that want to implement international projects is a positively verified method for creating a strong and innovative organization. This strategy was a success on the Bialystok IT market, where we took over Lemontea, LIT and QBurst Poland, and combined their assets with the SoftwareHut programming company – explains Strzelecki. Besides consolidating the local IT market, the technological group from Bialystok plans to recruit new specialists for the new department in Szczecin. Its offer may be of interest to even the most demanding specialists. The company presents a worker-oriented attitude while implementing its strategy and stands out with an open approach towards hired employees.

One of SoftwareHut’s interesting initiatives is SoftwareHut Speaking, where programmers are trained in public speaking and attend industry conferences in Poland and abroad. Their leader is Maciej Aniserowicz, who is well-known in the IT industry, author of the most popular programming blog in Poland – and the podcast Currently, the company is looking for specialists like: Android Developer, iOS Developer, .NET Developer, Java/JEE Developer, Front-end Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer – these specialists will implement international projects for multinational companies. This is a very important opportunity for employees who have only been involved in creating software for the Polish public sector or outsourced for the needs of large companies. I’m certain that establishing a company like SoftwareHut on the Szczecin IT market will change the local labor market – adds Strzelecki.

Leader in the industry

Entering the Szczecin market is one of the strategic decisions of the entire TenderHut capital group. The company is developing dynamically. This year, it was ranked among the top 25 developing IT companies in the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) ranking. The company plans to enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange within the next two years. At the end of 2017, the group accumulated an income of over 17.5 million PLN. In 2016, the accumulated income was 8.87, and in 2015, 6.44 million PLN.


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