25 July 2018

Three years of development of the Polish IT leader


SoftwareHut, the largest company of the TenderHut Group from Białystok, ranked fourth in the annual TOP 200 market report issued by the opinion-leading Computerworld magazine in the following category: IT companies with the fastest growth of revenue from IT in 2017. The company is now celebrating is the third year of doing business and it does not show signs of slowing down. Within three years, the management board has turned it into one of the leading Polish IT companies.

The company was founded in 2015, with head office in Białystok, and it was managed from the start by Robert Strzelecki, expert with tremendous business and technological experience, co-founder of the TenderHut Group. The company delivers innovative software solutions, provides outsourcing services and creates proprietary applications.

Achievements in three years

In 2015, after only half a year from incorporation, the company generated revenue of approx. PLN 624 thousand, and, one year later, it increased this revenue by 523%. After 3 years of doing business, SoftwareHut has entrenched its position on the international market, and its revenue in 2017 reached over PLN 13 million. The crowning of the company's achievements was its inclusion in prestigious rankings, e.g. in the Computerworld TOP200, where the company occupied high spots in lists such as, for instance, “Largest providers of IT personnel leasing services in 2016” or “IT companies with the fastest growth of employment in 2016”. This year, the company was also included in the ranking, e.g. as the 4th IT company with the highest increase of revenue from IT in 2017 and as the 26th company with the fastest growth of employment in 2017.

Proprietary products

From the beginning, SoftwareHut focused on creative solutions backed up by an experienced team and managers who think out of the box. This combination produced the company's most interesting projects. The first of these was the Zonifero application, created by developers led by Robert Strzelecki for their own company in order to resolve organizational difficulties caused by the dynamic growth of the company and inflow of a large number of new employees. – Today, this application is the flagship product of SoftwareHut and one of its added values, supporting the employees in finding their way around the entire organization – says Marcin Bartoszuk, CTO of SoftwareHut. Another creation of the technological imagination of the company's specialists is AutomatedCheckin – innovative application and AI bot that assists people on official trips with automated flight check-in.

Cooperation with a global giant

Programmers of the company develop the technology of the future together with Microsoft. They intend to integrate HoloLens goggles of the Mountain View giant with a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in order to introduce augmented reality into laboratories. – It will not be an overstatement if I say that this product can revolutionize the work of lab technicians. A lab investigator puts the goggles on, logs into the system and selects the functions by gesture or voice. This solution will considerably accelerate the work of experts, particularly the work done with many different test tubes and their contents – says Robert Strzelecki, president of the Management Board of SoftwareHut and the TenderHut Group. The company is developing laboratory technologies by implementing projects for global leaders. The experience of the programmers has been appreciated by Thermo Fisher Scientific. As part of this cooperation, SoftwareHut is developing software for over 600 laboratories scattered all over the world.

More than just work

SoftwareHut is unique not only because of its work but also because of its efforts aimed at enhancing the entire IT community. This refers to, for instance, the SoftwareHut Speaking initiative, which is supposed to develop presentation skills of programmers. Personnel of the company are assisted by specialists to train their speaking skills in order to become comfortable with public speaking. The company encourages its specialists to build their own brand in the industry and provides them with a number of tools and capabilities to do so. These include, for instance, enabling them to give expert lectures during meetings of programming groups, attending technology fairs or distributing their technical statements in the media.

What are the future plans of the company? – We are now opening a new conference and coworking centre in Białystok, which is going to integrate the regional IT community and support start-ups. Our greatest expectations lie with laboratory and business travel start-ups, where, apart from our own expertise, we will also be supported by the international corporations we work with. We also want to open a branch in Amsterdam this year, and we plan on having an office in Japan as well. One thing is certain – we expect even more from the next 3 years – says Robert Strzelecki.


Alicja Szymkiewicz
PR IR Manager

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