22 May 2018

Zonifero - a must have at the Kortowiada in Olsztyn


Kortowiada is just getting started. The largest Juwenalia in Poland will take place between Wednesday and Sunday. Large events, trade fairs and mass celebrations will include crowds of people, multiple amusements, but on the other hand, inseparable chaos as well. Participants who wander around in order to find a particular stand, catering point or restroom can be found during every major event. SoftwareHut, the technological company from Bialystok, will provide the Zonifero app to students in order to improve communication during the event.

Kortowiada is one of the largest musical events in Poland and is dedicated to students. It is held in Olsztyn every year, transforming it into a musical Eldorado. This year, Monika Brodka and Kabaret pod Wyrwigroszem can be found among the performers on the stages of Kortowiada. The 2018 edition will be special, not only because of the great artistic setting, but also because innovative improvements will be implemented for the first time. This year, SoftwareHut became a partner of the event and will provide participants of the Kortowiada with the Zonifero mobile app, which will enhance communication during the event.

A smartphone app perfect for events

Using mobile apps during mass events is more and more popular nowadays. In Poland, the leader in implementing these solutions is the Opener Festival in Gdynia. However, during that event, solutions created by international corporations are tested. At the Kortowiada in Olsztyn, a mobile solution created by a Polish company, SoftwareHut, will be available for students, in order to allow them to find the most important locations during this multi-day event. SoftwareHut has experience in supporting events for students. It recently supported the organization of the Polish edition of Microsoft's Imagine Cup.

Every participant in the competition could download the application onto their smartphone, and receive access to information about the event’s schedule, a map of the building with location support, as well as the guest list or the FAQ module. The most important improvement was that contestants could communicate with one another and organizers could send notifications to contestants. Thanks to Zonifero, participants in the Imagine Cup could contact each other or their mentors, as well as find the right room. They also knew which group should prepare to enter the stage. They were informed about the current status of the event and who was giving a presentation at the moment. Participants also received invitations to lunch or the award ceremony.  In addition, students suggested improvements for next year's edition of the Imagine Cup via Zonifero.  The Zonifero app proved to be useful during a large initiative like Imagine Cup. The app allowed us to improve communication within the teams that participated in the competition and simplified access to information concerning logistics during the event. I strongly recommend the Zonifero App to organizers of conferences and other events - Olena Kolikhova – organizer of the Polish edition of the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition.

Kortowiada in a mobile app

During Kortowiada, maps with location support will be the most important due to the fact that concerts take place on different stages. The event’s schedule will allow participants to find the right stage at the right time. Sending of group messages from the organizers to every participant who has installed Zonifero will surely improve communication. ­During Kortowiada, students will find information concerning particular stages, concert schedule, location of catering points, first aid points or restrooms – says Łukasz Stypułkowski – Zonifero Project Manager at SoftwareHut.

We thought that the situation would be easier if every participant in the event had an interactive map of the location on their smartphone, because young people, who are the majority of Kortowiada's participants, try to solve their problems using mobile devices. Thanks to Zonifero, the problem with finding particular amusements or the medical aid point will be resolved -  explains Kortowiada organizational staff.

Zonifero will surely create a sensation among the participants of the Kortowiada in Olsztyn. Young people like such technological novelties, which simplify everyday life. Organizers of such events are constantly seeking possibilities for attracting more attention – In my opinion, Zonifero has all it takes to be a major part of events of this type –  says Łukasz Stypułkowski.


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