27 August 2021

Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 74: The Bot Days are Over


Greetings, Hacker Extraordinaires! 

The tide is turning, and the fight is coming to the bots with a bit of help from a dedicated developer. Learn why Apple’s Safari browser isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And say hello to Node-RED, the latest GitLab, and the stunningly innovative new Apollo search engine. As we have been for the last 40 years, we’re proud to reveal the fame and shame of the developer world in every one of our latest editions. 

Here’s to another remarkable journey. Come join us! 

Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

The Bot Days are Over 

Now, you can also bring the fight back to the robots! And it’s about time. Since when have they done anything for us? Akin to an enemy occupation, fake accounts have become the stronghold of social media and the internet. So now, one dedicated revolutionary is out for blood – and she needs you at her side. So, learn how to select your hunting ground, develop a strategy, and deploy the right tech before blasting those bots and retaking our cyberspace! 

Crapple Computers 

We wouldn’t utter such blasphemous diatribes if we weren’t convinced of this. But Apple’s Safari browser is appallingly ineffective, thanks to its non-existent support for WebRTC and mass bug infestations. But why the hostile development environment? Perry Sun explains it all in his furious post. Fun fact, Safari is rumoured to rival Internet Explorer in developer notoriety. Now that’s notorious. 

Ode to Node 

Install it while it’s hot! Node-RED 2.0 is here in all its glory and comes packed with a long list of well-deserved changes. Explore new runtime and editor features, like the Monaco text editor or CSS theme variables. Tremble under the intimidating power of Node updates and initiatives designed to supercharge the developer experience. Now, it’s your time to experience higher-quality applications with low-code programming now! 

Hello Apollo! 

Have you seen something incredible online but struggling to find it again? Then, we have something for you. It’s a personalised search engine and web crawler inspired by the legendary Unix. Apollo specialises in addressing a unique user search pattern named ‘recall and synthesis.’ Examine the schematics, workflows, and most importantly – learn how to leverage its power for your devilish purposes!  

Get More with GitLab 

A new release of GitLab, this time in v14.1, offers a bundle of goodies, including the ability to publish and even share Helm charts. The latest edition also presents Package Hunter, a new module designed to bolster code security with external dependencies. Expect billing changes with self-managed subscriptions that are manageable via the brilliantly dedicated GitLab customer portal. Go Git! 


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