Designing Graphic Configurator for Vox

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Vox is an innovative décor company from Poland. It is a chain of furniture stores, an online sale platform, and services related to interior decoration. The company focuses on providing its clients with products and solutions individually suited to their individual needs. 

In order to facilitate the designing process even more, Vox wanted to develop a solution allowing the clients, as well as consultants, to arrange the furniture and conduct visualisation of the designed space. 

The challenge

The project’s goal was to create a functional tool to help clients select and arrange the furniture according to their preferences. Our solution was expected to provide the clients with the unique opportunity to design their interior.    

What’s more, the tool was also expected to come in useful to the consultants. Used as the configurator in VOX furniture stores, it was supposed to help them present the interior visualisations and match the furniture to clients' preferences.  

The biggest challenge during the development process was working in old Flash technology and converting it into a cutting-edge, modern solution. Moreover, it was crucial to improve its speed, as well as working effectiveness, to provide the users with a seamless and functional experience. 


We have created an intuitively working tool composed of furniture graphic configurators. Each collection (Blanco, Mio, Simple, Nature) has its own configurator, thanks to which the client may virtually design and visualize their own unique project. 

With the tool, clients can easily create their unique product combinations to fully satisfy their requirements. Furthermore, it’s possible to design the layout of the setting by placing furniture in the desired configuration. 

The usefulness of the products and their compatibility with the layout depends entirely on the clients’ imagination and creativity. 


Even though the client and the users were fully satisfied with the solution, there’s still room for improvement. 

We are currently working on the configurator for the Creative collection. We also plan to introduce the functionality based on the furniture visualization in 3D, which enables to move the furniture in any direction to give the client a clearer picture of how the final result may look like. 

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Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer