Developing a System to Manage the Flow of Technical Documentation

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Tauron is the largest distributor of electricity in Poland. The company is no stranger to cutting-edge technologies: it uses the latest technical innovations to support its implementation works in a form of exploitation, modernisation, and expansion of existing energetic infrastructure. Tauron stands up for the highest quality, as well as safety of its clients. 

In order to manage such an impressive enterprise, Tauron needed a system to organise all the information concerning Tauron Distribution infrastructure and arrange interdepartmental issues and tasks. And that’s where we stepped in.

The challenge

The project’s goal was to create a system to gather all documentation concerning the information that Tauron outsources to external companies. It was expected to help to organise the process of management of post-completion documentation flow in the whole organisation. It was supposed to help employees from different departments to record the tasks related to expanding and maintening Tauron Distribution infrastructure. 

The challenge was to develop adequate functionalities towards specific departments, improve transfer of documents between internal Tauron departments, as well as cooperation in communication. On top of that, the system was to facilitate flow of data. 


The system that we have created supports the module to scan post-completion documentation, including automatic transfer of scanned documents to the system. On top of that, we introduced additional functionalities such as: division into standard competencies and extended competences for the investment department users, shared access to data between departments and further development of return services. 

Introduced features allow administrator to manage tasks, users, or terminology data, as well as set acceptable deadlines. The administrator that is not allocated to any department has the competencies to browse and edit the issues from different departments.


We developed a registration system improving the work of all 11 departments in Tauron Distribution. The main advantage of the system is the tasks registration option. Furthermore, we also expanded the filtering option to facilitate the process of generating reports and statements. 

To ensure the efficient flow of information to each system user, we also introduced the under-system of e-mail notifications. It allows its users to register document flow between the locations, which consequently helps to physically monitor the sent documentation. 

Currently, we provide the services of app maintenance to support the system and solve any technical issues and errors that may occur. In the future, we may also introduce the flow of documents in an electronic form to save time and increase productivity.

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Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer