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Data breaches and comprising confident information is a threat to legal practitioners. Sharing details about their clients and sensitive documents must be, therefore, highly secured. For their client SafeLaw, Javeo Software (now a part of SoftwareHut and TenderHut Capital Group) developed a platform for secured messaging and file sharing – Safreum.

The system allows lawyers, law practitioners, and legal offices for a secure exchange of confidential details and documents. Based on a very high level of security mechanisms, the system grants access only to the participants of the conversation, restricting any other access – even from the system administrators.

The challenge

SafeLaw approached Javeo Software with frontend and backend development for their secured messaging platform, Safreum. The key objective of this project was to ensure the highest quality of encryption.




Implementing the design provided by the client, Javeo Software built an admin panel and user dashboard for the platform. Within the system, users can share messages and files that may only be seen by the recipient, excluding any unauthorized access.

During the development, Javeo Software faced challenges like legal jargon, budget, and a very strict deadline, as the project used external funding.

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After two years of developing Safreum, Javeo Software successfully delivered a project within time and budget set by their client. The software is highly secured due to sophisticated encryption methods used by the developers.

Written in Scala and Play, Safreum uses two-step verification and tokens to authorize users. The safety of communication has been ensured with encryption algorithms like Curve 25519, ChaCha20, and AES 256 encryption standard. For secured, two-step verification login, users use a password and a token generated through an application.

Within the tool, users can access the content only after using a token that is generated for each user. The system grants access only for a person using the token, so even system admins can’t view the messages, nor the files shared by the users.

This level of security ensures that sensitive data and confidential files can only be seen by authorized recipients.

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Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer