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Using outsourcing has become a new standard, especially among start-ups.

Why so? Because delegating IT tasks to specialists significantly takes the pressure off the start-up crew, allowing them to focus on developing their company, gaining publicity, and performing their priority responsibilities.

At SoftwareHut, we eagerly provide start-ups with IT support and advice. Knowing the specifics of working in a start-up, we show deep understanding.

That’s why we were more than happy to develop apps and provide support for our client, a supply chain management company.


Our client, a supply chain management start-up, hasn’t hired any programmers in-house so all the programming and developing tasks must be outsourced.

Being a start-up, our client expected flexibility, as well as the full development of their website and apps for Android and iOS.

They were also looking for a presentable, as well as well-established company able to provide them with supplementary development resources.



What have we delivered?

Being a well-rounded and experienced company, we had earned the trust of the client and proceeded to cooperate with them.

As previously mentioned, we were required to provide our client with supplementary development resources for a start-up.

As part of our cooperation, we developed a website, as well as a mobile app for the Android and iOS platforms.

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We managed to develop the website and app that perform well in preliminary tests and meet all the initial requirements.

Even though it’s too early to present them to the customers, many prototype stages, such as a proof of concept, were performed, proving their high quality and functionality.

Our client is satisfied with our cooperation and considers SoftwareHut a potential long-term partner.

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Maciej Szymczuk
Maciej Szymczuk
Regional Director

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