Mobile App Development for Healthcare Provider

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Despite digital transformation shifting business's focus online, still many healthcare providers rely on paperwork. As managing large number of paper documentation becomes a challenge, companies are looking for ways to improve their processes with IT solutions.

For one of our clients, we’ve developed a mobile app to help keep track of paper records.

The challenge

The project required working under high-pressure to deliver high-quality mobile application, making use of a vast number of resources. Our team has successfully delivered the project without compromising on quality, which won us future collaboration with this client.




At SoftwareHut, we were tasked with a mobile application development, which had to be linked to our client’s system. We’ve obtained UX guidelines and product requirements prior to the collaboration.

Working as a remote software development team, we’ve maintained an ongoing communication with our clients, following Agile software development best practices. Before the start of the project, we went to meet with the client for an initial assessment of our skills and competences.

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We’ve managed to deliver a mobile application ahead of schedule and of required quality. Our approach to communication, our experience and processes we follow made this engagement fruitful, resulting in client’s satisfaction and possible collaboration in the future.

The application itself, being based on a .NET framework, can be used on Android devices to make data management easier for our client, which was the desired outcome of the project.

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Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer