Native Mobile App Development for a Banking Platform

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When was the last time you paid in cash? If your answer is “A long time ago”, then you understand the blessing of fintech solutions. Online banking and fintech solutions are gaining in popularity - and rightfully so - as they significantly improve and streamline financials.

Fintech is the future of the finance industry. It’s a challenging yet very promising sector. At SoftwareHut, we like to be challenged. That’s why we gladly took the responsibility of developing a native app for a banking platform.

The challenge

Our client, financial services company, expected us to develop a mobile app allowing clients to access their bank accounts. They didn’t have the expertise to build it in-house, and they decided not to continue their cooperation with a previous partner that created a series of designs for them.

They entrusted us with their project. Our challenge was to develop a native iOS and Android app, consisting of customer service, card activation, and direct debit.




After being introduced to our client’s products, team and goals, we were presented with pre-established for the app. Having got to know our client’s requirements and expectations, we proceeded to develop the app.

We worked in Agile-based iterations, delivering the app in stages. We developed a deep understanding of the product, as well as the company.

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As we were expected to, we provided full-stack development services to build a native iOS and Android banking app. Our team developed customer service, card activation, and direct debit features.

The delivered app received positive feedback and met our client’s requirements. They were satisfied with our team’s proactive and dependable work, as well as our deep understanding of their needs.

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Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer