Supporting an E-Commerce Agency With an Extended Team

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In product development, there’s no need to go to extremes; either assign all the projects to an in-house team of developers or fully outsource it. With a growing demand for flexible solutions, an extended team model serves as a favourable option.   

In the extended team model, in-house developers are supported by a remote team or an individual developer. They cooperate closely to develop various projects and solutions.  

Our client wanted us to assign our specialist to join their team and support them in developing e-commerce products. 

The challenge

Given the difficulty of finding development partners, our client, a small Swedish e-commerce consultancy, was looking abroad for support in creating their e-commerce related products. The company were seeking a developer who would have had joined their team in an extended model.  

They came with specified requirements, including the tech stack needed to develop e-commerce products. The potential candidate was supposed to join their pre-existing team and support them in the process of development. 


SoftwareHut provided a developer to help create the product of an e-commerce consultancy. In the two-year engagement, our specialist utilised a tech stack that included PHP, Magento, Docker, and Microservices. 

The product that arose from our cooperation, allows for the management of e-commerce and provides billing solutions for business. 

To ensure constant communication and the highest quality of the product, our developer participated in daily stand-up meetings and used Slack to communicate with the rest of the team.


Our client was very pleased with our developer’s work and they decided to continue our business relationship for over two years. On top of that, they plan to maintain contact with our developer and renew cooperation in the future. 

What our client appreciated most, apart from our professionalism, was the ease of communication. They also gave credit for our understanding, as well as the will to accept a small-sized client’s budget constraints and negotiate payments. 

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Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer