The High-Tech System to Support Teaching Foreign Languages in Accordance With Clients’ Bespoke Methodologies

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Our client, KateIt!, is a foreign languages school providing online teaching services, popular for its bespoke teaching method called Stay-In-Touch. Such a form of learning gives an opportunity to practice every day, which makes it perfect even for the busiest people. The effectiveness comes from the flexible schedules that allow everyone to find sufficient time to learn during the day. The teaching program is suited individually to clients’ needs and their learning skills. 

In order to provide even better service, we cooperated with KateIt! to improve the quality of teaching by streamlining the system, as well as communication channels. 

The challenge

The project’s main goal was to streamline the system by minimising the need for manual operation for each student thanks to obtaining consistency in multi-channel communication. The development process was aimed at improving the quality of services by optimising teaching processes, consequently improving the effectiveness of teachers’ work. 

Previously used communication methods with the client, such as text messages or phone calls, proved to be inefficient. To streamline communication, we decided to collect everything in one place and optimise and improve all the processes. 


We divided the KateIt! System into three modules: users management, the calendar and the course to modernise and streamline it in order to attract new students. 

We introduced many positive modifications and facilities in the form of simplified teaching management to make it easier for the students to benefit from it. By developing new features, we automated the notifications about vocabulary to eliminate the need to send text messages separately to each student.  

Moreover, we minimised the need for sending emails by introducing vocabulary and tests modules to the mobile app. We also integrated the calendar with the material currently lectured during the courses. Additionally, the system was integrated with payment processes. 


The client received a dedicated web portal for the administrators, as well as mobile applications available for Android system and iOS – for the students and lecturers. We have also created a joint database serving as the internal storage for all information necessary for the systems’ functionality. We introduced the API interface enabling the communication between other components of the system and ensures the coherence of presented information both in the portal as well as in mobile apps. 

The main benefit from applied functionalities is the time saved by the client; it was previously spent on communicating the necessary information to each student individually. 

We are thinking about introducing further improvements in the user experience for the mobile app. Furthermore, we want to implement the chat in the application to make the contact with the lecturers even easier. We also want to develop additional functionalities such as group sessions and tests module expansion with the ratings and achievements. 

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Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer